5 Easy tips for freelancers

5 Easy tips for freelancers

Now a days freelancing become a buzz and popular word for us! It’s one of the best way to earn money from online. If you have enough skill in any field like writing, programming, designing, marketing then you can use your excellence in freelancing world. There are lot of ways over the internet to get money. But i think freelancing is one of the most secured and reliable way for earning money in online.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is flexible & good in that scene, you can easily set your working time as you like and work in your expertise area. Today’s post brings 5 awesome tips for beginner to expert , who want to speed up their freelancing earnings.

– Invest your time in freelancing:

As a freelancer, It’s the most valuable and potential investment in your freelancing career. You have to set a “command” in your mind that, you need to spent your time & energy for your client project and client should pay proper amount for that.

In that case I would like to share my own story and experience, that I’d faced in my freelancing career. Here it goes-

Before starting my freelancing career , I’d read a lot of blogs about how to register/setup profile/create portfolio links in freelancing websites. But didn’t learn how to manage/organize clients. Firstly I’d made a nice portfolio site https://www.bluewindlab.net and there I’d integrate all of my works and ongoing projects lists. After that , I was Started bidding in projects and within 3 days I got interview call for my first job. I was started my jobs and completed them within 2 weeks. At the end of project, I’d not only earned money but also gain some sorrow and sweet experience from them. Now I’m sharing one of my client experience with you.

In freelancing career, some of clients try to offer exciting future benefits for you. Be aware from them & don’t miss-lead on that list of benefits. It might be a trap for you.

In my last project, I’d faced such type of problem. I was started a project from May,2011 and worked with him more than 6 months in 6 project session. All of the times project budget was too low. But I didn’t made any comments on them. Because I’d not enough experience about project budgets and how to increase my working rates. Then, I’d worked hard for his work and at the end of the project i got only $106.93 from this 6 projects. How cheap!

Those day’s I was so fool because when i tried to increase my rate, client told me just work for this session in current rate and I’ll increase your rate from next project. But increment rate was too low – like $5 and working pressure became too high. All of the things about project requirement, he told me after fixing project budget.

As a beginner on those time, I can’t understood his trap and then I was totally frustrated and finally asked him for increasing project budget. OMG, You don’t believe, he reacted with me and close project. At the end of the day I was feel guilty for myself and thought lets finished this job with this load price. Simply It’s a loss project for me and I’d wasted my valueable times! After completing this project , I’d delivered this full project and then decided I need to share my story with my freelancer friends.

So, whats the moral of my story. Here they goes-

1. Never compromise with your qualification.

2. Before starting each & every project, you should fix your price with your clients. If he/she asked new features then told him to pay extra cost for them.

3. Try to clear each and every requirement in your project. Sometimes clients put some hidden requirements in their project. Like, Client asked for payment system integration in his project. Then you should ask him how many payment process you have to install? only paypal or you need to add others. After clearing this requirements you should start your work. Otherwise, clients might be add extra work load in your shoulder without payment.

4. If you have any option like upfront payment or escrow system use it properly. So far i know vWorker provide escrow system, and oDesk provide upfront payment. But If you are “very new” in freelancing sites then sometimes clients may not agree to pay upfront payment. So, be careful on this issue.

– Try to learn more and increase your knowledge:

As a freelancer, You keep it in your mind – “You are an one man army”. That means, you are the owner of a project, you need to finish then, you need to deliver completed tasks and finally you are the winner of full project rewards/payments. So, If you have enough knowledge then you can manage a lot of things a time.

Working experience is another asset in your freelancing career. If you have good and sound experience in any field then you can earn from that field. Like If you have good in web programming then you can start working in PSD to HTML conversion projects, PHP project, JSP projects and many more. Secret is that, you have to choose those work where you can apply your best work potentiality.

At the same time just make a short search in freelancing sites for which work give you more money and which work have much more demand. Always think like a economical person. It means, If you have 10 products in your hand and $10 in price each of them and people pick them within in 1 hour then you can earn $100 in a hour. One the other hand if you have $50 products and you can’t sell 2 of them in a hour then it’ll count a loss for your business. So, try to focus on “demand”. More demand in marked, more you can earn!

– Focus on your work not for the money:

It’s a great moral in your freelancing career. Your main target is earning money but your should not loose your concentration from your work. If you provide quality and clean work to your client then they will pay you happily and give a good rating. It’s the best policy to get a fixed client and save your time from “time wasting in bidding”. You need to set your focus in following terms:

  • – I need to complete my job perfectly and get a good rating/feedback comments from client.
  • – I need to increase my productivity proportion to time.
  • – I need to be a good manager in terms of time and requirements.
  • – I need to upgrade my profile frequently.
  • – I need to learn new technologies/topics/stuffs for getting more attractive jobs.

– Don’t loose your focus from your Goal:

Before starting any project, you should set your goal. It means you have to fix how much time you spend for this tasks. If you target you can work 10 hours per week or complete at least 2 works per week then you must try to complete them within targeted time. when you get more experience then you will increase time and working rates.

– Get in touch with your clients:

I think to get a good client over internet is fully depends on your luck. There are lot of frauds around us and we don’t know who is solid and who is fake! So, we the freelancer always try to search a good client and make him/her always happy. So that you can get regular work from them. Be honest with your work. From the starting of the project to last session of work you have keep you patience and honestly finish your task.

Try to add your clients in your skype , Gtalk or Yahoo messenger. So that you can also be their contact lists. Wish them in occasions, start conversation with greetings called a good manner to make happy clients. If you can manage 3/4 fixed clients who give you regular work, then I’m sure you never unsuccessful in your freelancing career.

That’s all for today. Hope you will have a bright future in your freelancing career. Keep your eyes in coolajax.net blog for more freelancing tips and tricks. Don’t forget to give your valuable comments.

Was this information useful? What other tips would you like to read about in the future? Share your comments, feedback and experiences with us by commenting below!

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