How to change the PuTTY font size?

PuTTY is free software that may be downloaded with the source code and is created and maintained by a team of volunteers. Simon Tatham created PuTTY, an SSH and telnet client, initially for the Windows operating system. By default, the font size of PuTTY is too tiny and hard to read. In this tutorial, we will see how to change the font size of it.

1. Open the putty software.

2. Add the IP address or host name and click on the open button.

3. You will get a new window. From the navigation bar of the window, press the right click of your mouse and you will get the Change Settings option.

4. From The change settings window, go to Appearance Tab and click the “Change” button.

4. Here you will get all the settings to change font family, font style, and font size. Set up all of them according to your requirements. Finally, save the settings by clicking the “OK” and “Apply” buttons.

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