Easy way to parse comma separated item in PHP

Easy way to parse comma separated item in PHP

Welcome Quick tips#2. Last day, in Quick tips#1 we learned How to Get Remote IP Address in PHP. Today We are going to learn about PHP Parsing. Using PHP, we can easily extract the individual elements of a comma-separated list. PHP has a great function named explode() that makes a comma-separated string list into an array of individual list elements. Lets jump in to details-

– Easy way to parse comma separated item in PHP:

Following example clearly illustrates this process that the explode() function scans the string for the delimiter( like- comma(;), at-the-rate(@),star(*) ) and cuts out the pieces around it, placing them in an one dimensional array. Once the list items have been extracted we can use a foreach() loop to show them properly. In result processing system, it’s a great way to parse information using explode function.


// define a comma separated list

$string= "cat,dog,hen,tiger,pigeon,camel";

// decompose string into array 

// using comma as delimiter

$exploded_string= explode(",", $string);
// output:

// print individual elements

foreach ($exploded_string as $key=>$value) {
    echo $value . "\n";
// output:


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