How to Give Your Clients What They Want

How to Give Your Clients What They Want

This guest post is by Jimmy Wentz.

When working as a freelance web developer or designer, your focus should be to give your clients exactly what they want. Not only will this mean that they are happy with the work that you have done, but it also gives you a much greater chance of being hired for future work, and being recommended to other potential clients. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. With this in mind, here are a few tips as to how you can make sure you give your clients what they want in every project you’re commissioned to work on.

– Know Your Client’s Needs:

know your client need

Firstly, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the client requirements are. This should not only cover the appearance of a site, but also the overall brand image and the functionality of each page. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the product or services which your client offers, and what they are hoping to achieve by investing in web development or design. If you know that a certain style or feature would work well then you may certainly want to suggest this, but ultimately it will be the client’s choice as to whether or not they decide to take your advice on board.

– Present A Clear & Easy to Understand Plan:

present a clear and easy plan

When meeting to discuss project specifications, it is essential that you are clear about what you intend to do, even if the client is not entirely clear about what it is that they want. This is especially important when working with clients who have limited technological knowledge. Ensuring that your client understands what is achievable (and in what space of time) is a good way to avoid any disappointment.

– Handling Additional Requests:

Handle additional requirements

When working as a freelancer, extra requests might be made as the site takes shape and the project is discussed. However, if a client’s additional requirements mean that they will incur extra charges, then you should always notify them of this before you carry out the work.

Although fulfilling their every request might seem like the best way to give a client what they want, they are unlikely to be happy with the end result if they discover that they have been unwittingly charged extra for your work. If you are working remotely, then don’t forget to keep your client updated on the project as it progresses. This will also give them the opportunity to highlight any changes to your brief, so that the finished work can be tailored to provide exactly what they want.

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