How to display WordPress shortcodes as a text?

Last day working on a documentation of the BWL Advanced FAQ Manager Plugin and I need to display FAQ shortcodes as text inside of documentation. I’ve pasted shortcode inside the documentation page and when it display in front-end shortcode executed and display it’s contents. That gives me a lot of pain. There is a small trick to display shortcode as text. Just add another starting and ending bracket before and after the shortcode syntax. Here goes the example-

Original Shortcode:

[bwla_faq meta_key = ‘votes_count’ orderby = ‘meta_value_num’ order = ‘DESC’ /]

Text Version of Shortcode:

[[bwla_faq meta_key = ‘votes_count’ orderby = ‘meta_value_num’ order = ‘DESC’ /]]

Note: You need to add these reference code only in text editor of WordPress not in visual editor. Adding in visual editor will consider it was alphabets and special characters.

That’s it. Hope that tips will help you to display shortcodes as a text in you’re site. Enjoy!

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