Array flip and reverse in php

Array flip and reverse in php

array_flip function is quite useful when you only want to shift array index as array value and vice-verse. On the other hand, if you want to change only array index in descending/reverse order then array_reverse function works great.

Array flip convert key in to index and index in to key.

$a = array (0 => "a", 1 => "b", 2=>"c");
print_r (array_flip ($a));

// Output:  
// Array ( [a] => 0 [b] => 1 [c] => 2 )

Array reverse function changes the order of array value.

$a = array (0 => "a", 1 => "b", 2=>"c");
print_r (array_reverse ($a));
// Output 
// Array ( [0] => c [1] => b [2] => a )

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