A Complete Guideline For HTTP Status Codes

Hello friends welcome to my today’s post. Today we are going to learn a new and interesting topics called Status Code. These codes also known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Response Status Code. That means by using this code we can measure response of any HTTP request. There are five classes of response code and first digit of response code [...]

Mega Collection of jQuery Social Networking Plugins

Social networking is one of the best and effective ways for increasing traffic on our blog sites. Social media optimization doesn’t only allow discovering and reading the content and information but also prompt users to share the knowledge what you have. This post includes some of social jquery plugins and tutorials. Today I’m going to share a mega collection of [...]

5 hand made step process style

Hello everyone, Today i’m going to present some different for you. Sometimes we found 3 or 4 processing steps in registration process. We have also found these type of processing in shopping cart, while we purchase or order some items in online. So, only for you I have create some processing steps psd’s. You can easily customize these PSD files. [...]

3 steps to create a simple tooltip box

Tooltip is a message box that appears when cursor is positioned over an image, icon, link or any other HTML element. In this example mouse over on a icon and it will show tooltip showing a text message. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a simple tool tip box in 3 steps. In last tutorial [...]

3 super simple ways to keep your jQuery code safe

If you are developing code for free distribution or developing plugins for sale, it’s always important to consider for any possible name/id conflict. What would happen if some script, imported after yours, also had a $ function like jQuery? Most common answer is to either call jQuery’s noConflict(), or to store your code within a self-invoking anonymous function, and then [...]

5 most wanted jQuery snippets for web developers

Today we are going to learn about 5 most wanted jQuery snippet that will help you in your next web application development. In my last tutorial you learned about how to create fade effect using jquery and also learn how to convert a JavaScript in to a jQuery plugins. Hope you enjoyed them. I’ve added download links of each snippet. [...]

Silent page reload in jQuery Mobile

Last day worked on a jQuery mobile project and faced an interesting issue about silent page reload. You know, we can use JavaScript page reloading techniques and they are quiet simple and easy to implement. But when you reload a complete page then a blink effect appear in your screen, which seems very annoying to user, also application loose it’s [...]

3 JavaScript techniques to Reload a page

Page reloading is one of the most frequent task we do while browsing web pages. We know, page reloading can be commonly done by using browser specific button or using some programming(JavaScript/PHP) techniques. Also there are many ways to reload the current page. Today I’m going to share 3 JavaScript techniques to reload a webpage. So, following examples uses a [...]

Working with array in jquery

Hello friends, welcome to my today’s post on jQuery. Today we are going to learn about array manipulation in jQuery. We know jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript framework in web development world. Also their mobile framework (jQuerymobile) has got vast popularity ever in JavaScript framework lists which basically build on jQuery framework. So, If you know jQuery [...]

4 Awesome CSS3 Gradient Textures Without Image

Today I’m going to share 4 awesome CSS3 technique to create excellent gradient textures without image. Don’t worry it’s very simple and you can use them easily any where in your website. CSS3 Gradient reduce page loading time and it’s look better then image texture. Just few lines of CSS3 codes and your gradient textures is ready to use. So [...]