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3 super simple ways to keep your jQuery code safe

If you are developing code for free distribution or developing plugins for sale, it’s always important to consider for any possible name/id conflict. What would happen if some script, imported after yours, also had a $ function like jQuery? Most common answer is to either call jQuery’s noConflict(), or to store your code within a self-invoking anonymous function, and then [...]

Silent page reload in jQuery Mobile

Last day worked on a jQuery mobile project and faced an interesting issue about silent page reload. You know, we can use JavaScript page reloading techniques and they are quiet simple and easy to implement. But when you reload a complete page then a blink effect appear in your screen, which seems very annoying to user, also application loose it’s [...]

3 JavaScript techniques to Reload a page

Page reloading is one of the most frequent task we do while browsing web pages. We know, page reloading can be commonly done by using browser specific button or using some programming(JavaScript/PHP) techniques. Also there are many ways to reload the current page. Today I’m going to share 3 JavaScript techniques to reload a webpage. So, following examples uses a [...]

4 Awesome CSS3 Gradient Textures Without Image

Today I’m going to share 4 awesome CSS3 technique to create excellent gradient textures without image. Don’t worry it’s very simple and you can use them easily any where in your website. CSS3 Gradient reduce page loading time and it’s look better then image texture. Just few lines of CSS3 codes and your gradient textures is ready to use. So [...]

How to register menus for your wordpress theme

Hello friends, today I’m going to show you how to register menus for a WordPress theme. Most of popular and premium themes have menu setup option and it help user to create menus( sometimes theme support multiple menus ) easily from WordPress back-end. To do this, we have to add few lines of code in functions.php page. It’s very simple.Have [...]

Efficient techniques to compress css files in php

Today I’m going to share 3 most efficient techniques to compress css files using php. All of them are working great for any application. You know, for a complex design we need to write a lot’s of css script and css files need to load fast for displaying website interface properly. Big css files take more time to load, but [...]

4 popular PHP function for string case conversion

Working with string become a daily routine for PHP developers. Lot of cool PHP function are available now for altering strings. From them 4 most popular and useful PHP string functions are strtolower(), strtoupper(), ucwords() and ucfirst(). Today we are going to discuss about these 4 string function and know how to use them in PHP. Let’s go- 1. strtolower(): [...]

Add WordPress like Gravatars in Your Application

Hello friends, welcome to today snippet post on add Gravatar in your application. Most of people, who know WordPress are very use to with “Gravatar” terms. Let’s have some idea about “Gravater”. – What is a Gravatar? Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. It is globally recognized because millions of people and websites use them. Most popular applications like WordPress [...]

Associative Array syntax in php

Array is one of the important and vital term in web programming. If we want to send multiple data with just one variable then there is no alternative of using “ARRAY”. Array is really easy to understand and easy to implement in programming. Array makes our work so cool , so that we can move our data very fast and [...]

How to Force download of a specific filetype using htaccess

Today I’m going to share a way to download files using htaccess. Last day I was implemented this code in my project. So, I thought to share my scripts with you. I hope that will help your in your project too. Lets get started – Sometimes we need to force files for downloading. Most of the files like .zip, .rar [...]