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PickMeUp – jQuery datepicker plugin

PickMeUp – jQuery datepicker plugin Really simple, powerful and customizable datepicker. Plugin created by – Nazar Mokrynskyi . Based on DatePicker by Stefan Petre. Browser support: – IE 10+ – Opera 12.1+ – Latest versions of Firefox and Chrome [button class=”btn btn-success btn-lg” url=”http://nazar-pc.github.io/PickMeUp” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]   Was this information useful? What other tips would […]

jQuery Vector Map

This project is a heavily modified version of jVectorMap. I chose to start fresh rather than fork their project as my intentions were to take it in such a different direction that it would become incompatibale with the original source, rendering it near impossible to merge our projects together without extreme complications.   [button class=”btn […]

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