WordPress Backup & Clone Master

WordPress Backup & Clone Master

WordPress Backup & Clone Master is an all-in-one solution for WordPress backup, restoration, cloning, and migration. The plugin helps you manage the above processes in a secure, easy, and reliable way on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Backup & Clone Master plugin provides secure protection for WordPress sites and their data. You invest a great amount of time into your website, and it is essential to make sure your data is safe. With regular backups created, you don’t need to worry about data loss in case of server injections, software upgrades, or site changes. It is also important to have an easy way to restore your backup without advanced knowledge of Cpanel and databases. Backup & Clone Master takes care of the backups, and lets you restore your site in one click, which will definitely bring you peace of mind and added safety.




– User-friendly WordPress plugin

– Full WordPress backups, including settings, themes, plugins, and content

– YES Backup to your computer in a ZIP file

– YES Scheduled backups to your email

– YES Regular backups stored on your server

– YES One-click restore

– YES Cloning capability to a different WordPress installation


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