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Ajaxified FAQ Search – Advanced FAQ Addon

Note: This is an add-on. You must have at least 1.5.7 version of BWL Advanced FAQ Manager to use it. Ajaxified FAQ search is a powerful Addon for BWL Advanced FAQ Manager that allows user to find Frequently Ask Questions easily & quickly from you’re website. This Addon comes with 25+ animated modal window with sticky button for the best [...]

25 3d text tutorials to enhance your photoshop skills

There are a lot of Photoshop Tutorials on the internet for you to learn. Just like my post today, i will present the latest and the best Photoshop 3D Text Tutorials of all time. Some of these tutorials also use other programs like 3D Max, Illustrator and Xara for creating the 3D text but you will use Photoshop most of [...]

20 outstanding jquery image gallery preview scripts

A huge collection of AJAX, JavaScript, Light box, CSS and Flash-based image galleries at your fingertips. For Web design projects, you may find yourself sometimes scrounging around for a simple yet useful image gallery and sideshow. I hope, this post will do the trick and provide all the resources you might need. – UvumiTools Gallery Plugin The UvumiTools Gallery allows [...]

8 Ajax Data Controls and Effects to Work with Tables

Hi Dear readers, I browsed various projects that deals with HTML tables and data control. These a neat to achieve spreadsheet like experience for your users in web projects. – Extux Livegrid The Ext.ux.Livegrid component is a user extension that’s build upon the Ext JS Framework and more specificaly extends Ext.grid.GridPanel. The component allows to read chunks of data from [...]

20 Beautiful JQuery Plugins For Web Designers

jQuery is a fantastic resource with a powerful base of plug-ins, but we often see roundups of the same boring plug-ins that all do the same thing. Here are 20 plug-ins that do not simply do the same thing, but do things differently, and are exciting rather than boring. We hope that these plug-ins will be handy in your next [...]

9 Exclusive Practical Examples About How Ajax Works

AJAX refers Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is used for allowing the client side of an application to communicate with the server side of the application. Before AJAX, there was no way for the client side of a web application to communicate directly with the server. Instead, you would have to use page loads. With AJAX, the client and server [...]

90 great ajax scripts enhance your website

Having full control of elements on a page and the order they are presented in can be quite useful. Ajax as always is a safe choice to go for. There are several good quality plug-ins to pick from. This post provides an overview of plug-ins you can use to provide simple yet powerful functionality to reorder, filter, add drag and [...]

30 Fresh AJAX Tutorials And Techniques

AJAX on websites and applications is pretty much taken for granted nowadays. Users expect it. They want to be able to edit a page in-place, they want search queries to be auto-suggested, and they want to be able to submit a form without refreshing the page. Ajax make browsing quicker, easier and, more importantly, enjoyable. Only For you, we have [...]

12 Ajax Scripts For Galleries

For any platform like website it is very important to represent the message of presented data effectively, it is also important to offer it in an attractive and intuitive way. Furthermore, the presentation itself can make images more valuable and simplify the browsing through hundreds of slides. Today I am going to represent 30 attractive Ajax scripts for your effective [...]