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A Complete Guideline For HTTP Status Codes

Hello friends welcome to my today’s post. Today we are going to learn a new and interesting topics called Status Code. These codes also known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Response Status Code. That means by using this code we can measure response of any HTTP request. There are five classes of response code and first digit of response code [...]

9 Major Reasons For 404 Error

There are many reasons you will see 404 errors in your log files. In case you forgot, a 404 error means a request was made for a file (or an object) and it did not exist. Some of the more common reasons are listed below. – Moving a page: Sometimes webmasters decide, for whatever reason, to reorganize their site. In [...]

Best 404 Pages examples for web designers

404 is an error code for a web page. All web developers and designers are very much use to with this error message. This code refers, the page that you want load/watch are not found by the web browser or server is unable to send response for your requested URL. Sometimes user get bored or close browser tab when they [...]