Social media A cost efficient way to engage consumers

Social media A cost efficient way to engage consumers

Social media sites have always been a place for people to share, like, follow, express their voice and promote other users. Apart from fun it has always been a place for serious business at an enterprise level. Hence, it is a powerful medium of communicating valuable piece of information to your prospective bosses and clients.

Brand Exposure, Traffic and Communication have been basic criteria to judge any social media website. Based on the aforementioned criteria 5 interactive websites have been mentioned below:

1. LinkedIn:

Relationship has always been a valuable asset whether it is between an employee and company or between two companies. LinkedIn’s tagline “Relationship Matter” justifies this concept by providing success to an individual’s career with the potential gains in professional and trusted network.

It is a place where you can get solution to every fragment of industry like website design, software development, rubber manufacturing, SEO, etc.

2. My Space:

This social media is a huge platform for artists, bands and advertising companies to show their creative aspect by uploading their portfolio. Developers and web designers could promote their application on this website and gain popularity.

3. Digg:

This media has been a valuable tool for bloggers, marketers, PR personnel, content writers and publishers. The advertisers, business entrepreneurs and marketers are always inside this pool of informative content hunting their needs. It also serves as a medium to express their views, discussions and vote. Thus, this involvement of consumers increases the traffic exponentially creating a path for an entrepreneur to enter into niche market.

4. Twitter:

It has been a popular micro blogging system that started his first communication within friends, family and coworkers. Later this social medium evolved into a great and fast way to disseminate information.

5. Facebook:

It is a channel used for creating professional network and attracts future employers. Thus, allows you to invite friends or employees for the gatherings or any public event depending on the privacy level selected.

Even you can spread your brand through the advertisement to reach the target audience.

Other Benefits:

– In the market:

The social network has been a virtual world where a quarter of a population, of all ages spends their most of the time. Their needs changes from playing games to gaining information but whatever their need happen to be, they switch to Twitter and Facebook in order to find what they are looking for.


The primary benefit is that it is a great approach to target larger audience through multiple channels using syndicating content. Thus by using resources like LinkedIn groups and Twitter directories you can join into client conversations and increase the opportunity for sales.

– Gain Competitive edge:

Social media are the best ear to provide a customer solution, resulting in great testimonials to other companies or clients.

Thus, it would facilitate in improving brand reputation, current marketing system and business growth.

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