Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

Selling advertising space will be difficult to do when you start a website. To sell advertising space on your website you’ll need to have a history of traffic to your website. This obviously won’t be the case when you first make a website.

Why would I cover this topic then? I figured it’s a good idea to at least talk about this option because down the road you will know what to expect and it allows for you to make plans in your web design process for allotting space for future advertisements.

– Tips How to Sell Advertising Space:

1. Fair Amount of Traffic Boost Up Your Sells:

As I mentioned above you’ll really only be able to sell advertising space on your website once you’ve maintained a fair amount of traffic to your website. There are a few different options that you should consider. You can increase your website traffic by ad campaign, Facebook ads, tweets on twitter or apply other marketing strategies. But keep it on your mind, you should keep unique and quality contents that relate with your advertiser demands.

2. Offer Banner/Text ads:

Do you want to sell banner ads or do you want to offer text links? Banner ads may be animated/flash or simply image banners you see on websites and text links are simply a link on your website. Some advertiser prefer text ads rather than animated ads. At that point you simply link to their website and advertisers will want you to just link directly to a page on their website like their homepage. Others will provide you with a custom link so that they can track the clicks that come from your website.So, you should offer both type of ad for ad campaign.

3. Charge Should be reasonable:

Remember there are millions of website over the internet on same niche. So, you should keep your advertiser happy and charge a reasonable price. In this way you can continue business with them for a long run. You simply place the banner or text links and generally charge per month for that exclusive space. It’s a common practice to offer a discount to anyone that prepays for advertising on your space such as 6 month or annual commitments.

4. Show your site ranking:

It’s a great way to get advertiser quickly for a blog. You can show Alexa ranking, Google analytics statistics and page rank of your blog. In this way, advertisers will get an overview of your website traffic, bounce rate and relevant information.

5. Keep a contact/about us page:

I saw many blogs who have no contact or about us page though their contents are great. If any advertiser feel good and think to set their advertisement then their will no way to contact with site author or administrator. So, create a nice about us, contact us page. Write down author/administrator contact information like phone no, email etc.

6. Directly contact with Adwords advertiser:

You can also contact with adwords advertisers by following links on their ads. Just sent email with your website and tell them your interest, also offer a competative price. Hopefully you will get someone from there. Another tricks to keep track who comment on your blog post and who linked to your website. If their product relate with your blog content then you can also offer advertisement space.

– Tips How Pricing Is Determined:

Pricing the advertising space on your website can be determined a few different ways. There is really no right or wrong way to determine this cost. It’s about educating yourself on the options and deciding what works best for you.

1. Fixed Rate:

One method is to charge a flat rate, this is saying that you’re going to charge someone $100 per month regardless of the results. The results being how often it’s displayed or how often it’s clicked on.

2. CPM:

Another method is CPM or Cost Per 1000 Impressions. This is determined by the number of times that their banner is displayed on your website. This is generally reserved for websites that receive thousands of hits per day. A way to bill such a method is $5 cpm, this is saying that you are charging the advertiser $5 for every 1000 times that their banner displays.

For demonstration purposes consider your website receives 50,000 hits per day and the advertisers banner displays 6,000 times on that day. The customer would owe you $30 worth of advertising that day.

3. CPC:

Another popular method is CPC or cost per click. This is the practice of paying only when a website visitor clicks on an add on your website. For example, you charge $0.50 per click. The banner may be displayed 5,000 times that day but if it’s only clicked on 50 times the customer would owe you $25.00.

– Tips How To Manage Your Advertisers:

1. Fixed Rate Advertisers:

If you’re simply selling advertising at a fixed rate it’s easy to setup a moneybookers, PayPal subscription and each advertiser is automatically billed each month or once a year. Where you will run to problems if you should decide on CPC or a CPM method.

2. For CPM and CPC Advertisers:

You can use software for tracking their ad click or impression or use buysellads.com for manage CPM and CPC advertisers. Buysellads.com provide a great option for tracking ad impression and click. Advertisers also pay their amount in their. It’s very secure and easy to use.

Was this information useful? What other tips would you like to read about in the future? Share your comments, feedback and experiences with us by commenting below!

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