50 Popular Social Bookmarking websites

Today I’m going to present the most comprehensive list of working social bookmarking sites. If you are looking for a social bookmarking sites list, you have come to the right place. I am trying to update the list of social bookmarking sites every week. Social bookmarking has been one of the most effective SEO technique to gain backlinks and traffic. [...]

Exclusive logo designs for logo designers

Are you a logo designer and searching for new logo design ideas, then i think this is best design resource post for you. Today I’m going to introduce latest logo designs for you. After reading full posts you can create new logos for your own. Logo designers always seeking for new logo’s ideas. So, they need a good collection of [...]

5 Website Hosting Basic Terms You should Know

The area of web hosting is yet another fairly area to understand. Consider this, you have a business and you need a place to sell your goods so you buy or lease a brick & mortar building. Without it you wouldn’t have a place to display your products. Web hosting is similar to this, you have a bunch of pages [...]

8 Powerful syntax highlighters for code snippets

In web technology world, snippet sharing is one of the most common tasks for developers. Right now, developers are developing new snippets regularly and they can easily share them in their own blog or other popular social bookmarking websites. As a result web technologies are growing rapidly. If you have some snippets and want to share them then you come [...]

20 Quick Backlink Building SEO Tips

Link Building is one of the greatest ways to increase traffic and get high ranking in search engines especially Google. It also helps your website get higher pagerank which results in more traffic to your website. Backlink plays an important role to get higher search rankings for your blog post, articles, etc. The more links you get to your site, [...]

4 Facts Why Backlink Is So Important In SEO?

NOW-a-days Backlink is the most important and exciting terms of SEO. If you’ve read about SEO, you’ve come across the term “backlink” at least once. Those poeple who are new with SEO, may be wondering what a backlink is? , and why they are important. Backlinks have become so important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, that they have [...]

Detect Your Client With Jquery Script

Hello everyone, welcome to the tutorial on jQuery. Today I am going to share a very simple but effective scripts for how to detect client using jQuery. As a programmer sometimes we need to detect client OS and their browser information. So, if we can get client information then we can easily execute specific function dedicate for that client. Like [...]

9 Major Reasons For 404 Error

There are many reasons you will see 404 errors in your log files. In case you forgot, a 404 error means a request was made for a file (or an object) and it did not exist. Some of the more common reasons are listed below. – Moving a page: Sometimes webmasters decide, for whatever reason, to reorganize their site. In [...]

7 meta tag elements for effective seo

Meta tags don’t matter. Meta tags aren’t a magic Search Engine Optimization solution. Meta tags help determine how you rank in Google. Meta tags can affect the volume of incoming traffic to your website. You need Meta tags on every page of your website. You don’t Meta tags on any page of your website but the main page. Let it [...]

Deal with while loop in php : Day#3

Welcome to day#3 of PHP series tutorial. Today we are going to learn about loop. Basically, we uses 2 types of loop frequently. One is “FOR” loop and another is “WHILE” loop. I’m going to discuss about “WHILE” loop today and upcoming tutorial I’ll discuss about “FOR” loop.   The WHILE loop is one of the most useful commands in [...]