Mega Collection of jQuery Social Networking Plugins

Mega Collection of jQuery Social Networking Plugins

Social networking is one of the best and effective ways for increasing traffic on our blog sites. Social media optimization doesn’t only allow discovering and reading the content and information but also prompt users to share the knowledge what you have. This post includes some of social jquery plugins and tutorials. Today I’m going to share a mega collection of jQuery Social Network Plugins that you would definitely find useful. Enjoy.

– Bookmark


Share your page with any number of bookmarking sites.Features include the following:

  • Full and compact versions,
  • Customizable list of sites,
  • Easy addition of new/other sites,
  • Optional ‘Favorites’ and ‘E-mail’ links,
  • and Bookmark a page other than the current one.

– jSocial


The plugin handles the rest; creating all the links and building a nice list, complete with matching icons to everywhere you are on the web.

– So So Social Plug-In. Powered by jQuery and YQL

soso plugins

Plug-In Features:

  • No server side proxy needed!
  • Completely customizable via CSS and JS settings.
  • Super easy to get set up and working.
  • Light foot print.

– MobilyBlocks


Allows you to simply create an unordered list as an impressive and stylish animated circle.

– BubbleUp jQuery Plugin to Spice Up Your Menu

Bubble Up

This plugin now is more flexible, easy to customize and working with all major web browsers with any size of image

– jQuery Twitter Widget with @Anywhere Support

jtweets anywhere

jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter Widget that simplifies the integration of Twitter services into your site. With just a few lines of JavaScript you can

  • Display tweets from users’ feeds and users’ lists
  • Show results from a Twitter search
  • Present auto-refreshing realtime/live tickers
  • Build pageable tweet feeds
  • Integrate a customizable TweetBox into your site
  • Let your visitors follow you directly from your site
  • Handle secure authentication with Twitter

– A Twitter List Powered Fan Page

A Twitter List Powered Fan Page

In this tutorial, you can now create and compile a list of twitter users and make it easier for others to follow all at once.

– jQuery Driven Social Bookmark Counters

jQuery Driven Social Bookmark Counters

Provides a tutorial on how the jQuery based Social Bookmarking Counters on the site was created. Most people are generally busy and this means that readers on a blog or website don’t time to waste on articles that are not really good.

– Push effect: Improving Visual Feedback for Social Voting Tools with jQuery

Improving Visual Feedback for Social Voting Tools with jQuery

Digging, voting, buzzing, retweeting, liking, bumping, shouting. These ubiquitous social tools have become the de facto mechanism to determine collective popularity. There’s little variation in terms of visual feedback when you engage these tools to increase an item’s popularity by one unit. Most just update the value instantly while others (Digg) perform a little fade effect.

– jQuery Social Share Toolbar

jQuery Social Share Toolbar

Learn on how to build your own social share toolbar using jQuery and CSS3. The toolbar should be visible at the bottom right corner of your browser. If you hover over the toolbar it will slide up, click the minimize button it will all but disappear, click one of the icons and you will be taken to either the login page or the share page of that social site.

– jQuery Clicky Post

jQuery Clicky Post

Shorten your link using Bit.ly making them retweetable by your visitors.

– Quite Delicious Button

Quite Delicious Button

Make uniform share button that looks like delicious.

– jQuery Twitter API

jqueryt witter api

– Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat

Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat

Implement facebook and gmail chat modules to your website with amazing functions and very attractive designs.


  • Gmail style bottom right display of chat boxes
  • Keeps chat boxes open and stores state (data) even when pages are browsed/refreshed similar to Facebook
  • Displays ‘Sent at…’ after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Displays ‘X says…’ & blinks chat boxes when window is not in focus
  • Minimize and close chat boxes
  • Auto-resize of text input box
  • Auto-scrolling of chat text
  • Auto-back-off polling policy (hits the server less-often when chat activity is low)
  • Extremely simple to integrate into existing site

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