Mastering CSS with 10 Websites

Mastering CSS with 10 Websites

As a freelance web designer or web master there is no alternative to be a master in CSS. Mastering on CSS is very important and essential skill for outstanding web development and design.You love to create nice template design, portfolio website design, WordPress template design. But you don’t know how to convert them in proper XHTML format. If you have sound knowledge about CSS then you can easily convert your design in to XHTML format and sell a complete template. I assure you that, css learning will take less then 1 week if you properly follow the guidelines of listed website present in below.

If you ready to become a CSS master, then you come in right place. Here goes a list of top useful resource sites where you can find CSS tutorials, CSS references, CSS articles, CSS tips and tricks and other CSS related topics. Enjoy!


css mastering in w3school

W3Schools is very useful resource site for web designer which provides free CSS tutorials from the most basic up to the most advanced level. The CSS lessons are very detailed and will take you through most of what you need to know. However, there are quite few examples and most of them are quite technical. If you already know some CSS this is a great reference source since the site also features CSS reference, CSS quiz, and CSS exams.

CSS Basics

css basic

CSS Basics provides 18 chapters of CSS tutorials which cover necessary CSS skills such as CSS class, CSS IDs, CSS position, CSS fonts and so on. The tutorials can also be downloaded as PDF format so you can learn CSS at your own pace in your computer.

HTML Playground

html playground

HTML Playground offers a choose of tags plus the ability to click on a tag/element and get a description. It also lists CSS attributes and an area to test code and see the result. This site is ideal if you have some HTML+CSS knowledge and just want to test what a certain tag/element does and to check if there are better-suited attributes.

CSS Play

css play

You can find many specific functionality in CSS plus you can view the source codes of these CSS functions. Instead of having a whole page or a whole site, you can just check out examples of fly out menus, opacity examples, and many more.

Thus if you just need a specific functionality that you want to learn, then CSS Play is an ideal place to start off since the methods or functionality are very thoroughly explained.



This is the best site for an absolute beginner in CSS. Although most of the information found here are almost similar to that of w3schools, most users find the site better structured with more practical examples.


css dog

CSS Dog is another good resource for learning CSS and HTML. You can learn CSS start from beginner to advance level. In website, you can also found the CSS reference.


html dog

Good resource for web designer both HTML and CSS. At HTML Dog, you can find CSS tutorials from beginner to advance level, CSS properties reference and articles. Not only CSS but there are also HTML tutorials available for you to learn and increase your web design skill.

Max Design

max design

You can learn many useful CSS tutorials such as tutorials on one list many options and on nested list options, tutorials on CSS based lists, tutorials on CSS selectors, tutorial on CSS floats.



Select Tutorial lets you conceptualize visually by showing you what happens as you complete each step in CSS.


site point

SitePoint is another very good reference for those who are interested to learn or master CSS. One feature that makes SitePoint a more useful CSS reference is that it lets you view the code in live demo and test CSS code yourself.

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