Lawnchair A Simple JSON Storage

Lawnchair A Simple JSON Storage

Lawnchair is sorta like a couch except smaller and outside. Perfect for HTML5 mobile apps that need a lightweight, adaptive, simple and elegant persistence solution. By default, Lawnchair will persist using DOM Storage but if other adapters are available and DOM Storage isn’t supported by the currently executing JavaScript run time. Lawnchair will attempt each successive adapter until it finds one that works. Easy.

Lawnchair Features:

  • Super micro tiny storage without the nasty SQL: pure and delicious JSON.
  • Default build weighs in at 3.4K minified; 1.5 gzip’d!
  • Adapters for any client side store.
  • Designed with mobile in mind.
  • Clean and simple API.
  • Key/value store …key is optional.
  • Terse syntax for searching/finding.
  • Battle tested in app stores and on the open mobile web.
  • Framework agnostic. (If not a framework athiest!)
  • MIT licensed.


Tutorial Resource For Lawnchair:

1. Using Lawnchair for Data Storage in PhoneGap

2. PhoneGap Mobile App Development using Lawnchair

3. Complete snippet of lawnchair


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