How to get paid Skrill from Bangladesh

How to get paid Moneybookers from Bangladesh

Hello friends from Bangladesh, Today I’m going to discuss about How to get paid Moneybookers/Skrill from Bangladesh. As well as I’m going to share my personal experience and also describe the process step by step about getting paid through Moneybookers/Skrill from Bangladesh. So, Let’s get started –

– What is Moneybookers/Skrill?

Moneybookers/Skrill is a service just like PayPal except that they have less coverage and they let Bangladeshis to sign up for their service and use it efficiently. Go to www.skrill.com and create an account, It’s completely free.


– Why Moneybookers/Skrill?

No doubt,www.skrill.com is one of the most popular payment provider in Bangladesh. Main reason is that, PayPal payment method is not currently available in Bangladesh, Hopefully, we will get that payment method very soon in Bangladesh. So, In this case, Moneybookers/skrill brings a great and fast payment processing system as an alternative of PayPal.

– A Great Payment System For Freelancers:

As a freelancer, From my experience I’ve learned that, most of the buyer prefer to pay through PayPal. When we discuss with them about project requirements they really appreciate us(Bangladeshi programmers), because we provide them quality work in a very affordable rate rather than other countries in Asia. But problem occurs when we start talking with buyers about how to process payment? They like to pay via PayPal(Most of them). In this situation, most of them said , “Sorry sir, I don’t have any PayPal account !!!”. As a result we loose the opportunity to get the job. To solve these issue, we can use Moneybookers as an alternative of PayPal.

Those who need to receive money from abroad (mainly for outsourcing ) can use this service for efficient money transfer. Their service is cheap and affordable for both clients and contractors.

– My Story:

Few days ago, I’d got an email from a person named “Anthony”. He told me that, he’d reviewed my website www.coolajax.net and very much interested to put his advertisement on my website. Initially, I thought it’s may be a spam.

I wanted to verify him and I asked him several question like “Why you are interested and what you found in my website and how to prompt your product via my website”? As he was a good man, he answered my question perfectly and send me the amount for advertisement. Thus i felt that, he was not fake and really want to made a good business relationship.

After we negotiate advertisement amount, he asked me , “How can I pay you”? As well as, he suggest me some payment options like PayPal, Moneybookers and alert pay. I’ve no PayPal account and I’ve no idea about alert pay. So, I told him, you can send money via Moneybookers.

In those time, I’d not much more ideas about Moneybookers. But knew little bit. I was started searching about “how to get paid moneybookers from Bangladesh”. I was found a lot of interesting blogs but no body directly said how to process payment. Thus i thought, if can do a transaction perfectly i will must write a blog for all Bangladeshi freelancer who want to earn money using moneybookers. I was found that only sent your moneybookers email address. Noting need rather than email address for sending money in moneybookers account.

Then i sent him my Moneybookers email address and told him, when he sent money to my account just forward an email that “I was sent you money in your account“. He was really a good person. So, he did it as i told him. After 3 business days, i was got a call from my bank manager and he ensure me an amount deposit to my account. That’s my story .

Next I’m going to elaborate step by step. So, lets get started.

– Step: 01

Get registered with Moneybookers (www.moneybookers.com). It’s 100% free.

signup with moneybookers

– Step: 02

Add funds to your Moneybookers account from other online sources(like freelancer.com, scriptlence.com. odesk.com, elance.com or fixed person). For me, my website advertiser deposit funds to my account.

– Step: 03

Create a bank account in Bangladesh. Please always remember one thing, In online (virtual life) or in real life always use your full name. Don’t use short name like “jak”, “hkoo3”. You must use full name. Don’t put any extra dot, comma in your name. From my experience I’m interested to told you , I was faced a great problem in my life and I’d lost my $111.14! I’ll also share this story in my next blog.

– Step: 04

Next you need a SWIFT code. Each bank have unique SWIFT code. SWIFT is a messaging system used by most Banks for international financial messaging ( mostly transaction related ). Your bank have also SWIFT code.

Swift Code Example

Just go your branch manager and ask him about swift code. You can also get SWIFT code from online. Write your bank and branch name in Google search box. Hope you will get your SWIFT code. πŸ™‚

– Step: 05

If you have already bank account don’t need to create a new one. Just go with your previous one. Click login button to get logged in. If you successfully logged in, Find a button named withdraw, please follow the image in below. You will find in the top right of your website.

withdraw button

Now, try to withdraw money from your Moneybookers account. But before do that you have to verify your self. We can verified our self so easily. Just withdraw near about $15 from your account (as I did) . For withdraw process please follow the image.

withdraw from moneybookers

– Step: 06

It takes 3-7 days to arrive money in your Bangladeshi account. If all information like bank address, swift code was perfect then your bank representative called you and informed you an amount deposit to your account. I was feeling really good when i got the phone call. It was really an awesome experience.

– Step: 07

In you first transaction, Moneybookers sent you a verification code along with your money. Asked your bank manager about verification code. What i did? Firstly, i went to bank manager and told him about foreign transaction. As, Bank manager was a friend of mine , he help me to get verification code. He was gave me the list of transaction details. At the bottom of the page i found my verification code. I was gave thanks to him and took the paper along with me. As well as i brought first transaction amount. Though amount was not too much, but i felt really good.

– Step: 08

Now I’ve verification code in my hand. I was logged in my Moneybookers/Skrill account and again try to withdraw money. They asked me do you have verification code? I picked up the option that said something like β€œI already have the code”. Then insert code in to input field. I was exactly complete the task according to their recommendation. Finally, i was verified to Moneybookers/Skrill . πŸ™‚

Now, I can withdraw money frequently from Moneybookers/Skrill . Moneybookers/Skrill have a limit about sending money. This limit can be increased further by verifying your home address and debit/credit card.

moneybooker limit

But I’m happy with what I’ve got. They charge around $2.16 for every transaction no matter the amount is small or large. I use the AB Bank ATM card to withdraw money from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Was this information useful? What other tips would you like to read about in the future? Share your comments, feedback and experiences with us by commenting below!

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