How to create a business card in Photoshop part 2

How to create a business card in Photoshop part 2

Hello everyone, welcome back to series tutorial on How to create a business card in Photoshop. In our previous lesson we learn how to create card holder frame and card frame. Today we are going to learn how to add effect on our business card.

As I told in my last tutorial that, if you have little bit idea about Photoshop and it’s tools, then you can easily create an awesome business card using these tools. Here is the second part of designing business card. Let’s start.

Series Tutorial:

How to create a business card in Photoshop part 1

Part 4: Create sidebar both side of business card

create side bar both side of business card

We need to put 2 side bars in this business card. Have a look in red arrow. How to create this sidebar? It’s simple. Open a Photoshop new file. Then select rectangle tools and draw a shape. Please follow image in below. After creating shape just drag drop new slide on business card. Then copy same shape and rotate horizontally.

create shape

Part 5: Add a new a background shape

Choose any image to set middle effect. You can also download image form here. Add this image in the middle of card then reduce its opacity from right side panel. Follow the image 🙂

add new background shape

Part 6: Create a rectangle border over image

Now we are going to add a rectangle border over image. Create a rectangle shape , then add effect in this rectangle shape. Follow image instructions.

create rectangle border over image

Step 1: Change rectangle fill.

change fill

Step 2: Add Drop shadow effect

add drop shadow

Step 3: Add gradient effect

add gradient_effect

Step 4: Add stroke

add stroke

Great, we are very close to make a business card. That’s all for the second segment of creating a business card. In next tutorial we learn how to add text in card. Thanks a lot for reading my tutorial.

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