Free jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins

Free jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins

Default scroll bar always seems boring to me! Honestly speaking I hate them . That’s why I’ve find out some awesome scroll bar plugins built in jQuery and very easy to use in our projects. If you ever wanted to add some custom scrollbars to your website, to scroll the contents and the default browser scrollbars just doesn’t match up with your design, than make sure you check this list of jQuery custom scrollbar plugins. Hope you find the following information helpful.

jScrollPane – custom cross-browser scrollbars


Kelvin Luck’s jScrollPane was originally developed in December 2006. It is a jQuery plugin which provides you with custom scrollbars which work consistently across all modern browsers. You can style the scrollbars using simple CSS and they degrade gracefully where JavaScript is disabled.


–  Any List Scroller


Scrolling a list of items, like an image gallery or a news feed, is a frequently-used pattern in websites. Any List Scroller is a very handy jQuery plugin that can perform the scrolling with any list and in any dimension.

ALS – Any List Scroller is the jQuery plugin by musings.it to scroll any list, of any dimension, with any content. Try it!

Plugin JQuery : Scrollbar


This page is written in french so use Google’s translate service to translate this page to your preferred language. Download is available for the plugin.
The purpose of this plugin is to add a scrollbar to the item of your choice, to view any content which is larger than the size – vizible space of a div for example. It is aimed to the people who don’t want a default scrollbar. Whell scroll management is also included in this but is not activated.

Tiny Scrollbar – A lightweight jQuery plugin

tiny scrollbar

Tiny Scrollbar can be used for scrolling content. It was built using the javascript jQuery library. Tiny scrollbar was designed to be a dynamic lightweight utility that gives webdesigners a powerfull way of enhancing a websites user interface. It can scroll vertical or horizontal, supports scrolling by wheel, thumb, or track and the mimified the size is 2,29 kb

jQuery Custom Content Scroller

jQuery Custom Content Scroller

A custom content scroller created with jquery and css that supports mousewheel, scroll easing and has a fully customizable scrollbar. The script utilizes jQuery UI and Brandon Aaron jquery mousewheel plugin. Very easy to configure and style with css.

jQuery Scrollbar replacements

jquery scrollbar replacement

These scrollbars are fully themable allowing their behaviour to be determined as well as their look. This script uses the ‘jquery.corner’ plugin for the lovely cross-browser rounded corners and ‘jquery.drag’ for more reliable drag event registering.

Scrollbar Paper

scrolling paper

Scrollbar Paper does not replace browser’s default scrollbar. Instead, it covers it with a custom scrollbar, like paper on a wall: that is why it is called Scrollbar Paper.
The benefit of this approach is that the way browser’s default scrollbar behaves is not modified: mouse wheel support, text selection and scrolling performance are the same as usual.

A custom scrollbar for a DIV

div based custom scroll bar

This tool brings HTML5 range input to all browsers in such a way that you can make it look and behave like you want. This small candy weights only 2.2 Kb. Here the rangeinput is used to control scrolling of a DIV. A little more coding and you can present your products like Apple does.

ShortScroll – A jQuery UI Google Wave style scroll bar

short scrollbar

Jesse Baird has developed this custom scrollbar as a jQuery UI widget after seeing the scroll bar in Google Wave, which added functionality and style making much better than the browser default scroll bar..CSS3 background gradients to do all of the fancy background stuff so if you plan to support Internet Explorer and care about eye candy, plan on creating your own background images.

– jQuery Scroll

jquery scroll custom

A jQuery plugin which renders a custom, CSS styleable vertical scrollbar.

Vertical scrollbar using jQuery UI slider

vertical scrollbar

The code assumes a single div with fixed height (#scroll-pane in my example) which contains an absolutely positioned div (#scroll-content) which contains the content for scrolling.

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