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Mobile Boilerplate

Mobile Boilerplate – A best practice baseline for your mobile web app. Mobile Boilerplate helps you create rich, performant, and modern mobile web apps. Kick-start your project with dozens of mobile optimizations and helpers. – Analytics, icons, and more: A lean, mobile-friendly HTML template; optimized Google Analytic snippet; placeholder touch-device icons; and several mobile-focused tools and helpers. – Normalize.css and [...]

18 Popular Web Safe Font For Web Developer

Web Safe fonts refers those fonts that are most common or generic fonts and which integrate most Web Browsers and are used on all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. If you are a designer and design various kinds of web pages on any of these systems or use any browser then they will be looked exactly similar. [...]

7 Free And Popular Icon Resources for Web Designers

As a web designer you need free icons frequently for your design. You want to use them because they reduce your working costs and save lots of time. If you are a freelancer designer then you must have a rush to deliver your design with in short time. In this situation, you can use free icons because they don’t need [...]

6 Outstanding Web Tools For Finding A Domain Name

Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is very important and most of the times it’s become a tough task. To highlight of you company presence in web world domain name consider as a great fact. There are lots of tools over the internet which can help you for checking available domains also suggesting similar names that are related [...]

12 New jQuery Translator Plugins For Your Website

Hello friend, welcome to my today’s post on web tools. In my last post, we discussed about “Free And Popular Icon Resources for Web Designers“. Hope you enjoyed that post. Today we are going to introduce some cool jQuery translators plugins for you. They are really a great web tools and they can give a new dimension of your web [...]

5 Awesome Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is something that you won’t be able to assemble right away because of the fact that you don’t currently have an active list of ‘opt-in’ recipients. This is accomplished by placing a signup form prominently on your website for people to subscribe to your newsletter. Once you’ve assembled a decent list of subscribers you can start sending [...]

Popular css frameworks for modern web layout design

After the appearance of this new trend in web design, developers started to work on some new and responsive CSS frameworks to help designers adapt their work to this days requirements. Therefore, I want to present you some of the best frameworks ready to upgrade your designs to a new level. CSS frameworks makes your life easier and reduce your [...]

Top 20 Essential firefox addons for web designers

Now a days Mozilla Firefox is a one of the most popular browser, especially among web designers and developers. These days, with such a crowded field, staying at the top of the browser heap takes a lot of work. One of the factors that make Firefox so well-liked is the huge library of great extensions that enhance your browsing experience. [...]

12 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Monitoring helps with branding and marketing and can help identify quality control or customer care problems that may have gone unnoticed. Monitoring is only one piece of the puzzle, however. It is important to find out who is saying what, and where the conversation is happening so you can respond appropriately. After several months of researching, testing, and using various [...]

Free and open source php forum scripts

Forum is one of the great media where web surfers can have make their discussions and postings. Generally, a forum is a community with lots of user inputs and needs moderators to moderate the posts. If you like to setup your own forum, you can go for either open source forum scripts or commercial forum scripts such as vBulletin. Should [...]