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Check If WooCommerce Plugin is activated or not?

For WordPress plugin developers, it’s a very common practice to check if depended/required plugin has been activated or not before executing their own plugin code. Yesterday, working on few updates of FAQ Tab For WooCommerce – Advanced FAQ Addon. Then added following lines of code to check if WooCommerce plugin already installed and activated in my site or not. If [...]

Fixing WooCommerce 3.0 notice in single product page

WooCommerce released new 3.0 version couple of weeks ago and they updated lots of things in that version. Last year, I’ve two premium WooCommerce plugin ( Attachment Tab For Woocommerce, WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager ) in CodeCanYon marketplace. After upgrading WooCommerce version 3.0 buyers send me support message regarding that notice. So, I need to update the plugins and remove [...]

How to display WordPress shortcodes as a text?

Last day working on a documentation of my BWL Advanced FAQ Manager Plugin and I need to display FAQ shortcodes as text inside of documentation. I’ve pasted shortcode inside the documentation page and when it display in front-end shortcode executed and display it’s contents. That gives me a lot of pain. There is a small trick to display shortcode as [...]

How to convert second to time format using javascript

Today I’m going to show you a quick tips and tricks of JavaScript. Sometimes we need to convert second value into time format. For example- You have seconds info like 7200 seconds and you want to convert it 02:00:00 format. Sounds interesting right? By using following JavaScript we can easily convert second to time format. Let’s take a look of [...]

PHP Number Formatting Techniques

If you are working in PHP and dealing with big numbers and make it more readable to your user then “number_format()” is a great PHP function that can accomplish your number formatting task. This function takes number as input and number may be in integer or floating point values. By default number_format function add comma(,) between group of thousands. But [...]

Compress Multiple CSS Files

Web site optimization geeks suggest that we should try to minimize the size of files while serving web pages. Most of the time, web designers use multiple CSS files for make task management easier, but this requires as many HTTP requests as there are CSS files. Following script will allow us to serve all your CSS files as a single [...]

3 ways to use if else statement in php

PHP is one of the popular web programming language in web world. Many CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal has been written in PHP language. Also popular forum scripts like phpBB, vBuletin developed using PHP. That’s why PHP become a popular web language day by day. My previous tutorials posted on PHP, I wrote about how to work with array, how [...]

Awesome 10 SEO Blog For Beginner To Expert

SEO is one of the important terms of blogging that we should directly deal with. No matter how brilliant the content of your site if it is not optimized for search engines, you will definitely have a hard time attracting traffic to your site and ranking better in search engine results. You cannot just sit there and hope that people [...]

Social media A cost efficient way to engage consumers

Social media sites have always been a place for people to share, like, follow, express their voice and promote other users. Apart from fun it has always been a place for serious business at an enterprise level. Hence, it is a powerful medium of communicating valuable piece of information to your prospective bosses and clients. Brand Exposure, Traffic and Communication [...]

5 hand made step process style

Hello everyone, Today i’m going to present some different for you. Sometimes we found 3 or 4 processing steps in registration process. We have also found these type of processing in shopping cart, while we purchase or order some items in online. So, only for you I have create some processing steps psd’s. You can easily customize these PSD files. [...]