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6 Awesome jQuery Notification plugins

Notification is always an important fact for web developers and application designers. Apps developers want to show their application notification when some action like add/edit/delete operation occurred in their system. That is very important to show this notification message in a smart way. So, Today I’m going to introduce with some great and awesome notification plugins . Growl-like notifications seems [...]

Improve your portfolio site with 18 jQuery scripts

For every online workers like freelance designers, freelance developer, SEO master-  the portfolio is one the best media to get some work and present a good working hand in-front of audience/client. As a freelancer my experience is that, before hiring contractor, clients always check working skills. In that situation portfolio website can create a good impression to a client. So, portfolio [...]

9 Most Popular jQuery Accordion Plugins

Accordions is one of most popular and user friendly topics in jQuery Framework. Accordion can be use as menu, slideshow contents or store content into sidebars, Accrodion can be very useful for displaying lots of data according to their categories in a small amount of space. Accordion has some basic characteristics like – few menus displayed vertically or horizontal,when click [...]

Groundwork A Responsive Front End Framework

Groundwork’s flexible grid system enables you to do rapid development and scales to fit any screen size, from handheld devices to large format televisions. The grid allows you to quickly and easily adapt page layouts for mobile devices as well as the desktop and enables you to build one site that looks great on virtually any device. – Built with [...]

Lawnchair A Simple JSON Storage

Lawnchair is sorta like a couch except smaller and outside. Perfect for HTML5 mobile apps that need a lightweight, adaptive, simple and elegant persistence solution. By default, Lawnchair will persist using DOM Storage but if other adapters are available and DOM Storage isn’t supported by the currently executing JavaScript run time. Lawnchair will attempt each successive adapter until it finds [...]

Classified Made Easy

Classified made easy is an easy to use system which can be used as classified or any kind of listing website. You can easily add,edit or delete categories. For ex, if you just want to use it as job listing website then you may create just one category and related subcategories. The search results are also shown on Map for [...]

6 Outstanding Web Tools For Finding A Domain Name

Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is very important and most of the times it’s become a tough task. To highlight of you company presence in web world domain name consider as a great fact. There are lots of tools over the internet which can help you for checking available domains also suggesting similar names that are related [...]

12 New jQuery Translator Plugins For Your Website

Hello friend, welcome to my today’s post on web tools. In my last post, we discussed about “Free And Popular Icon Resources for Web Designers“. Hope you enjoyed that post. Today we are going to introduce some cool jQuery translators plugins for you. They are really a great web tools and they can give a new dimension of your web [...]

Best WordPress plugins for your blog

WordPress! Now a buzz word in web world. In my last post People who never wrote a single line of web script – can create blog/website for them very easily. Available and free plugins made WordPress too much popular to all kind of people. Free WordPress plugins makes WordPress popular among people who love to blogging without sound knowledge of [...]

Free jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins

Default scroll bar always seems boring to me! Honestly speaking I hate them . That’s why I’ve find out some awesome scroll bar plugins built in jQuery and very easy to use in our projects. If you ever wanted to add some custom scrollbars to your website, to scroll the contents and the default browser scrollbars just doesn’t match up [...]