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Free and open source php forum scripts

Forum is one of the great media where web surfers can have make their discussions and postings. Generally, a forum is a community with lots of user inputs and needs moderators to moderate the posts. If you like to setup your own forum, you can go for either open source forum scripts or commercial forum scripts such as vBulletin. Should [...]

4 life savings php array function for web developers

Array is one of the most vital portion of every programming language. In our web scripting like php, javascripts – we can not think multiple data manipulation without array. Most of the programmer afraid(!) with array. I don’t know why?? I think array is one of the most easiest matter in this world. Today I am going to present 4 [...]

How to sort multidimensional array in PHP

Hello everyone welcome to PHP tutorial. Today I’m going to show you how to sort multidimensional array in PHP . I’m writing this tutorial based on my freelancing project. Story was that, last day i was faced a big problem while I was trying to sort country list and their prices. My friend as well as client Bas Bhan Dar [...]

Shuffling String Number and Array in PHP

Hello friends, welcome to my today’s post in PHP. Today we are going to learn how to shuffle string, number and array in PHP. Shuffling is very useful while you are working in a trivia games or examination management system or any puzzle game. Let’s go for details – 1. Shuffle string using str_shuffle() Function: For randomizing or shuffling characters [...]

PHP Tricks to Identifying Duplicate Words in a String

Hello friends, welcome today’s post on PHP. Today we are going to learn how to identify duplicate words in a string. Most of the time we faced duplicate words issue and find a convenient solution to remove those words. It’s very simple but need few tricks to solve it. Following tricks are very easy to use and also very efficient [...]

Crazy tips to remove spacial character using PHP

Sometimes we are facings spacial character issue while working on any other language except English. PHP programmers you can easily manage English URLs and use them as parameter. But if we trying to push any spacial character like Spanish, Banglai or any other language in URL section then sometimes applications not working properly. Today we are going to know some [...]

5 Popular PHP Forum Scripts

Making a website forum is a fantastic idea to drive traffic to your website. Your website becomes a destination page meaning that people will visit it often to gather information. If you are also looking to start your forum site then you need a forum software or script. Here is the 5 most popular forum scripts in PHP. – bbPress [...]

Best PHP Video Tutorials Part II

Welcome back to series tutorial of php learning. Last day we learned about 10 top most popular website for learning php where you can easily get video tutorials for getting knowledge about php. Today I’m are going to present 10 more video tutorial website for you. Hope all of you enjoying my posts. One more thing, Please don’t forget comments [...]

Best PHP Video Tutorials Part I

PHP is a awesome server side scripting language used by designers and developers these days to developed attractive and fastest web pages. PHP can be used on most of the servers and many other platforms and operating systems. If you want to make a complete, professional-looking, interactive and dynamic website, Then PHP is your best scripting tool for do this [...]

7 meta tag elements for effective seo

Meta tags don’t matter. Meta tags aren’t a magic Search Engine Optimization solution. Meta tags help determine how you rank in Google. Meta tags can affect the volume of incoming traffic to your website. You need Meta tags on every page of your website. You don’t Meta tags on any page of your website but the main page. Let it [...]