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Freelance Dashboard – Project Management CRM

Freelance Dashboard is the only project management application that you will need to manage your projects and clients. We have bundled all the features you need into one easy to use, beautifully designed platform. Even if you are not a freelancer, this application is built to manage any kind of project.     CREATE PROJECTS   Create projects for all [...]

PHP Number Formatting Techniques

If you are working in PHP and dealing with big numbers and make it more readable to your user then “number_format()” is a great PHP function that can accomplish your number formatting task. This function takes number as input and number may be in integer or floating point values. By default number_format function add comma(,) between group of thousands. But [...]

3 ways to use if else statement in php

PHP is one of the popular web programming language in web world. Many CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal has been written in PHP language. Also popular forum scripts like phpBB, vBuletin developed using PHP. That’s why PHP become a popular web language day by day. My previous tutorials posted on PHP, I wrote about how to work with array, how [...]

5 ways to define array in php

Arrays are the kings of advanced data structures in PHP. PHP arrays are extremely flexible—they allow numeric, auto-incremented keys, alphanumeric keys or a mix of both, and are capable of storing practically any value, including other arrays. All arrays are ordered collections of items, called elements. Each element has a value and is identified by a key that is unique [...]

Efficient techniques to compress css files in php

Today I’m going to share 3 most efficient techniques to compress css files using php. All of them are working great for any application. You know, for a complex design we need to write a lot’s of css script and css files need to load fast for displaying website interface properly. Big css files take more time to load, but [...]

4 popular PHP function for string case conversion

Working with string become a daily routine for PHP developers. Lot of cool PHP function are available now for altering strings. From them 4 most popular and useful PHP string functions are strtolower(), strtoupper(), ucwords() and ucfirst(). Today we are going to discuss about these 4 string function and know how to use them in PHP. Let’s go- 1. strtolower(): [...]

10 Amazing PHP snippets for your web application

Hello every one, welcome to my today’s post on PHP. In my last post We learned about on How to send various kinds of email using PHP. Today I’m going to share 10 amazing and awesome PHP snippets , that will help you for building next web application in efficient manner. Though PHP has it’s own rich library of functions [...]

How to send various kinds of email using PHP

Email is one of the most popular services over the internet. A huge amount of email sent and delivers every day. We can easily send email by using PHP scripts. Today I’m going to show 3 type of email sending technique using PHP. First of all, we want to send emails from our web application. Email can be used for [...]

Associative Array syntax in php

Array is one of the important and vital term in web programming. If we want to send multiple data with just one variable then there is no alternative of using “ARRAY”. Array is really easy to understand and easy to implement in programming. Array makes our work so cool , so that we can move our data very fast and [...]

Classified Made Easy

Classified made easy is an easy to use system which can be used as classified or any kind of listing website. You can easily add,edit or delete categories. For ex, if you just want to use it as job listing website then you may create just one category and related subcategories. The search results are also shown on Map for [...]