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How to display WordPress shortcodes as a text?

Last day working on a documentation of my BWL Advanced FAQ Manager Plugin and I need to display FAQ shortcodes as text inside of documentation. I’ve pasted shortcode inside the documentation page and when it display in front-end shortcode executed and display it’s contents. That gives me a lot of pain. There is a small trick to display shortcode as [...]

How to convert second to time format using javascript

Today I’m going to show you a quick tips and tricks of JavaScript. Sometimes we need to convert second value into time format. For example- You have seconds info like 7200 seconds and you want to convert it 02:00:00 format. Sounds interesting right? By using following JavaScript we can easily convert second to time format. Let’s take a look of [...]

How to create a triangle using CSS3

Today we are going to learn about how to create a triangle using CSS3. First of all it’s very simple to do, but required a to know a tip. We will use border-radius property to create that triangle. I’ve also added download and demo link just below the post. So you can check and download source code for future use. [...]

Compress Multiple CSS Files

Web site optimization geeks suggest that we should try to minimize the size of files while serving web pages. Most of the time, web designers use multiple CSS files for make task management easier, but this requires as many HTTP requests as there are CSS files. Following script will allow us to serve all your CSS files as a single [...]

How to create a 3 layer Drop Down menu using jquery

Hello everyone, welcome to my today’s post on “How to create a 3 layer Drop Down menu using jQuery”. In my last tutorial, I was discussed about Page redirection with Live time preview using jQuery. Hope you enjoyed that tutorial and I’m going to present another new tutorial on jQuery about creating a 3 layer drop down menu. So, lets [...]

How to register menus for your wordpress theme

Hello friends, today I’m going to show you how to register menus for a WordPress theme. Most of popular and premium themes have menu setup option and it help user to create menus( sometimes theme support multiple menus ) easily from WordPress back-end. To do this, we have to add few lines of code in functions.php page. It’s very simple.Have [...]

How To Solve 404 Issue For WordPress Custom Post Type

Last day worked on a project BWL Knowledgebase Manager that has some custom functionality developed by WordPress custom post type features. Everything was going fine in Admin section. But, I found a sudden error while checking custom post type pages in front end of my website. Something was going wrong and custom post type pages return 404 page error. It’s [...]

How to create a fading effect jquery plugins

Hello everyone, welcome my today’s post on “Create a fading effect jquery plugins”. In my last tutorial we learned How to create a Unordered list sequential fade in and fade out effect in jquery. Hope you enjoyed that tutorial. Today we are going to learn how to convert simple jquery code in to a jQuery plugins. So, that we can [...]

How to send various kinds of email using PHP

Email is one of the most popular services over the internet. A huge amount of email sent and delivers every day. We can easily send email by using PHP scripts. Today I’m going to show 3 type of email sending technique using PHP. First of all, we want to send emails from our web application. Email can be used for [...]

How to Force download of a specific filetype using htaccess

Today I’m going to share a way to download files using htaccess. Last day I was implemented this code in my project. So, I thought to share my scripts with you. I hope that will help your in your project too. Lets get started – Sometimes we need to force files for downloading. Most of the files like .zip, .rar [...]