Amazing 10 free web tools for web developers

Amazing 10 free web tools for web developers

Now a days web developers and designers are too much busy with their works. As a web developer and designer I feel these pressure and load. I know how much tight schedule developers have maintain while they working in a project. Web developers and designers need to stricktly maintain the production flow, designing issues, browser compatibility and user friendly interface. All of these steps take too much time and energy of a developer. That’s why, I think I’ve to share some important tools and websites that helps you to reduce your cost and energy of development.

10 Amezing tools for web developers

If you can use this tools properly than you must spent more time in designing and less time on the other additional stuffs that you have to deal while you are in development process. Enjoy!

1. Bounce:

I’m a big fan of BOUNCE. It have awesome features for web analysis. This tools takes a screen shot of your website and allow to share in social networking websites like twitter and Facebook. It takes a nice and sharp full page screenshot of your website while to enter valid web address of your website.

What I’ve love most about these website is tagging! It allows unlimited tagging on screenshot. So, you can easily put tags on screenshot and share it to Facebook or twitter. It will help me a lot when i sent images to my clients. Interactive features of sharing is lovely. 🙂

URL: http://www.bounceapp.com/

2. MindMeister

Good and professional web developers are practicing brainstorming before starting a web application or website. It’s a real time development process. But somehow we can not able to do this for available application. MindMeister comes with brainstorming features.

Now you can draw your ideas by using their intuitive features. It’s a brainstorming tools that helps you to share your thought, ideas and project flow with your project partners or a group of people who worked with you in a same project. From my personal experience, i used it while i discuss with my clients about project working outline and ideas about project working flow. And i was found a great result by using this tool.

URL: http://mindmeister.com/

3. Simplenote

When i was a student i did a task regularly and that was – put all my study schedule on the wall in-front of my desk. 😀 When I’m starting work as a web developer i don’t forgot to it. Make a lot of text file in desktop and write down all of my tasks in them. As a result within a week my desktop became full a lot of text file :). Thus i tried to search a web apps , that provided me support of maintaining my tasks list and i was found a great and awesome website “simplenote” 🙂

simple note

It’s really easy to use and no complexity in here. A lot of interactive features provide you absolutely free and provide you professional service without any cost. You can place all of your tasks in sorted manner. It will definitely help you for your project task management.

URL: http://simplenoteapp.com/

4. Woorank

Need to know about your site stat right now? don’t worry Woorank is here! It provides you all kind of information about your website like your site page rank, Alexa ranking, site up time, site popularity, site domain name status, site sever status , server location, site map status, no of website site back-link, no of page indexed by Google/Yahoo/Bing and a lot of informative stuffs. I was stunned when i found this site and say just WOW!
From this site you can easily determine about your website current status. This site provide you descriptive information and you can also learn other website trends in same niche.

URL: http://woorank.com/

5.Resize My Browser

resize my browser

As a web developer it’s a very common issue browser view compatibility. That means, our apps must be compatible in every browser or device window. Other wise users/clients are not feel interest to buy our apps! To solve this issue ResizeMyBrowser apps provide you good and comfortable options for testing our apps in different window size. It was helped me when i was start developing website for mobile. Though I’ve not Iphone/Android devices in my hand, i was successfully develop website for them by using this website.

URL: http://resizemybrowser.com/

6. Ge.TT


Are you interested to share your files/music/images with your clients? Don’t worry Ge.TT provide you this options. I love to use it. Because it provide instant file upload options, sharing options as well as stats of my file access. Also, you can easily share your files link in social networking website by using it’s interactive options.

URL: http://ge.tt/

7. Coolender


Get Bored with to-do-lists maintenance? Searching for a free to-do-list maintain website? Then Coolender is best one for you. It provide all to-do-lists maintaining options for you absolutely free. You can easily your to-do-list works in here. It’s automatically sync with Google calendar and outlook. It’s main stunning features is it will send you notification in Gtalk via chat message. simply it awesome!

URL: http://coolendar.com/

8. Font Struct

font struct

Need a customize font for your apps? Fontstruct offer you 100% free font customization options for you. By using their apps you can easily create graphical fonts for your apps. Then export them as a True type fonts and can use it in MAC or Windows PC. So, why are you waiting for ? create a new stylish font for your apps!

URL: http://fontstruct.com/

9. Wufoo:


Wufoo strives to be the easiest way to collect information over the Internet.Their apps helps you create contact , online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code. Nice website.

URL: http://wufoo.com/

10. MockFlow

mockup flow

MockFlow has an enormous amount of objects, and some of them incredibly specific. When you create a new design, you can start design templates, with choices including the iPhone, Android, and iPad interfaces.

URL: http://www.mockflow.com/

Was this information useful? What other tips would you like to read about in the future? Share your comments, feedback and experiences with us by commenting below!

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