7 free and useful website hit counters

Free Website Hit Counter

Website hit counters have sort of lost their appeal lately because they lack professionalism plus it gives information about your website that you may not really want your website visitors to have access to.

These days it’s probably a bit more professional to use a website analytics program. The track visitors by placing a small snippet of code on each page that you’d like to track plus they will break down just about anything you need to know about your website traffic such as what website they were referred from to what their monitor resolution is set at.

Website Hit Counter

Finding a website hit counter is very easy, as a matter of fact the sponsored links just to the right of this offer free website counters. Once you give the details of your website it’ll automatically generate a snippet of HTML or JavaScript that you can paste on your web pages.

As I mentioned though, this is going to have a counter that’s visible to all of your website visitors and provide you with little more information than this. I would recommend looking into a website analytics program. Today I’m going to introduce some of popular scripts. Have a look. I hope you like them 🙂

– StatCounter

statcounter free hit counter


– Use StatCounter to monitor actual human activity in real-time

– StatCounter can be used 100% free of charge

– Add a few lines of code to your site

– Best Free Counter:

best free counter

Best Free Counter offer a wide variety of styles and designs so you can find a web traffic counter that will suit your taste and preference.

– Simplehitcounter.com

Simple Free Hit Counter

In minutes you can download and install your own hit counter and track your website’s traffic. Its simple!

Visitors online

visitors online

This script will show how many visitors there are online on that moment. The script is very easy to implement and doesn’t require any database or configuration. Just upload it to the server and add some lines of code to your website.

– No database needed
– No configuration needed
– Number of visitors online
– Show the most visitors online ever and the date and time
– Show which visitors viewing what page
– Track logged in visitors
– Geo tag your visitors (see from what country they are)
– Show how long the visitors are browsing your site

Visitors Counter with Live Update!

A small but powerfull script, that counts how many visitors are at the moment on your website. It’s based on jQuery and PHP , that makes the counter updating itsself without refreshing the page!

visitor live counter


– Updates itsself without refreshing the page! (jQuery)
– Customizable refresh time: Set in how many seconds the script should update itself.
– Track: Set if the users should get counted at certain sites.
– Easy to install, an install guide is included!
– Fast!

Activehits – Real Time Hit Counter

Activehits is not just your average hit counter. It automatically updates as visitors browse your website, for a total count of every hit from every page! Normal hit counters refresh each time you refresh the page yourself, which gives your website another irrelevant hit from you.

active hit counter

With Activehits, you no longer need to refresh; you can sit back and watch your hits roll in! With AJAX , anything is possible! It even works on internet-enabled iDevices!

Activehits uses JavaScript to register each page and load the hit counter, but it will fall back to normal, static PHP hit counting, so even your visitors with JavaScript disabled will still be counted!

Website Analytics

By far the most popular free option is Google Analytics. It’s free to use and it gives you in depth tracking of your website visitors from their location, the referring website and you can even track customers that convert to sales.

google analytics

I personally use http://www.histats.com/ , because of the ability to customize the data that I get along with the ability to add additional websites. This isn’t a free option so it may be something you put off until you actually start receiving a fair amount of traffic to your website.

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