6 Awesome jQuery Notification plugins

6 Awesome jQuery Notification plugins

Notification is always an important fact for web developers and application designers. Apps developers want to show their application notification when some action like add/edit/delete operation occurred in their system. That is very important to show this notification message in a smart way. So, Today I’m going to introduce with some great and awesome notification plugins .

Growl-like notifications seems to be a usable way to inform users about the status of their actions. There are many jQuery plugins that provide this kind of functionality and here’s a list of 6 growl-like notification scripts.

6 jQuery Notification Plugins

01. jGrowl

jGrowl is a plugin for the jQuery that generates unobtrusive notification boxes on a page. It has a similar design to the OS X Growl Framework, after which it is named. With jGrowl, web developers can easily display brief information messages and alerts to their users during busy sessions with complex web applications.


jGrowl integrates cleanly into jQuery, offering a simple API for displaying messages. By default, the message is displayed in an elegant black box for a few seconds, with a close button for the user to hide it manually. However, as expected of a jQuery API, the plugin also has a wealth of options to configure its behaviour, accepting parameters in JSON format.


02. Achtung

Achtung is a plugin for jQuery that creates notifications similar to those produced by Growl. Requires jQuery 1.3.2.


This plugin utilizes portions of the CSS and icon framework from jQuery UI but does not require it. The plugin operates independently to reduce dependencies.


03. Gritter

The super awesome background is just to show you that all notifications are transparent! Tested in: FF 3+, Opera 9, IE7, IE8, Safari 4+



04. jQuery Notifications

jQuery Notfication


05. jQuery Notice

jQuery Notice

This is the project page for a simple jQuery plugin called jQuery Notice. As the names says, you can give notification to the users of your side.

What! Another one?

There are more growl-like notification plugins out there, and I hear you thinking: why yet another one!? Well. The other plugins out there are not written in a style that I like. I needed my notifications more flexible and lightweight. This project page shows how I achieved that.

– How it works:

This plugin extends jQuery. That means that you can call it like this: jQuery.noticeAdd() or jQuery.noticeRemove(). The fact that it is not bound to an html object makes this plugin very easy to use. It is callable or removable from any function. For example: it could be initiated as callback from a function or on a success or failure after an Ajax request.


06. Purr

This page features two examples: a regular Purr and a “sticky” Purr. Clicking the links below will present a new Purr each time. Notice the relationship between the sticky and regular Purrs. Only the top non-sticky Purr in the list is removed at a time.

These notices also feature the usingTransparentPNG parameter. If you are viewing this page in IE7, you aren’t seeing the fading animations.


07. Pines Notify

Pines Notify is a JavaScript notification plugin that is designed to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility, while still being very easy to implement and use. It has tons of customisations for you to choose and it’s themeable through Bootstrap or jQuery UI.

pins notify


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