51 Web Apps For Web Designers And Developers

51 Web Apps For Web Designers And Developers

Web designers and developers can also jump on virtually any internet connected computer with a modern browser to get work done without their main desktop applications. Design, test, develop, deploy and so much more, straight from the web. Here are 51 web apps to make web designers and developers lives easier than ever and crank up their capabilities.

– net2ftp


With net2ftp you can get fast, full featured access to your FTP server of choice. You don’t need JavaScript, Flash or even the most recent version of Firefox or Safari. It’s built completely from PHP ensuring easy access anywhere, anytime. You can even host a version of it on your own server!

Price: Free
Requires: N/A (uses PHP)

– serFISHcom SSH Client

serFISHcom SSH Client

serFISH’s SSH client gives you quick access to a full SSH client right from the web. With it you can get around firewall and proxy restrictions, connect anonymously (no IP reporting) and more.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– Google Code Playground

Google Code Playground

Google offers a tremendous number of services and API’s. Fortunately they also provide an easy way to test, learn and build virtually anything via their Code Playground. Access API examples, customize, debug, run, save and export your work.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes gives you the ability to easily pull content together from around the web into several different forms like widgets, badges, maps, etc. Using the visual editor, you can create all sorts of great things without writing any code.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– PHPanywhere


Like Bespin, PHPanywhere is an online code editor supporting PHP/HTML (possibly more?). It even includes a fully featured and integrated FTP client. Tabbed editing, graphic file management, unlimited “undo” and “redo” and many more great features are included. There are many more features currently in development as well.

Price: Free
Requires: Opera 9+, Gecko-based browsers (Firefox, Camino, etc.), Support for IE, Safari and Chrome coming soon.

– Mozilla Labs Bespin

Mozilla Labs Bespin

Bespin is an extensible code editor in the clouds. With it you can create, edit and share projects or even connect to other open-source projects and publicly accessible repositories. There’s a tremendous amount more that can be done with it, even theming it if you’d like.

Price: Free
Requires: Firefox 3.x, Webkit Nightly Builds, Google Chromium

– Ajaxload


Ajaxload is another really basic web app that lets you generate a customized “loading” image commonly used with AJAX applications. It might be basic but it’s come in handy time and time again for many of my projects.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– WebbyChat


WebbyChat is a fully featured chat application you can integrate into your current website using JavaScript, then customize to fit your design. It offers a several options for moderation and administration as well as a nice user interface.

Price: Free – $70/month
Requires: JavaScript

– Produle


Create custom flash widgets and applications for your website with stats tracking, sharing and many other options. The editor is drag-n-drop simple and provides lots of customization options.

Price: Free – $39/month
Requires: Flash

– IzzyMenu


Create custom menus and preview them before downloading the final work. IzzyMenu offers an easy to use interface to customize graphics, colors, fonts, etc. You can also find prebuilt menus from their catalog. Signup is required for some of the more advanced features like jQuery effects.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– Genfavicon


With Genfavicon you can create faivcons of different sizes quickly and easily. Upload your image from HDD or URL, select the desired size option and use the image selection box to select and position the image how you would like. It’s a basic but a useful and nifty app.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– Stripe Generator

Stripe Generator

Quickly create repeating stripes with Stripe Generator. You can customize stripe size, spacing, colors, background style, shadow and orientation. Then download the 18px * 18px repeating image and you’re good to go.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– BgPatterns


Although BgPatterns’ selection and background creation tools are somewhat limited, it’s a neat and creative idea. You can quickly create and download a background pattern from a selection of options and pattern images.

Price: Free
Requires: Flash, JavaScript

– JotForm


Like Wufoo, JotForm lets you create forms using a drag-n-drop interface. JotForm isn’t as pretty as Wufoo but it still has a lot to offer and simplifies the process of creating all sorts of different website forms. Reports, payments and more is also supported.

Price: Free – $9/month
Requires: JavaScript

– Wufoo


Let’s face it, forms aren’t exactly fun to create. Wufoo has managed to change that with their easy to use, drag-n-drop form creator. You get a lot more though like reports, security and payment integration. You can also use it just to create valid HTML/CSS forms for your own development if you’d like.

Price: Free – $199.95/month
Requires: JavaScript

– Launch Splash

Launch Splash

Launch Splash is a fast way to get a splash page online right away. It’s clean, simple, quick and a great way to satisfy an antsy client or friend while you build the real deal.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript (for preview)

– iPlotz


iPlotz lets you create and collaborate on mockups and wireframes quickly and easily. It provides a huge selection of elements for websites and applications and is very easy to use. It also offers multiple levels of collaboration for clients, co-workers, etc.

Price: Free – $495/year
Requires: Flash

– templatr


templatr is a template generator which gives you the ability to build a website template online and download the finished package. Select your desired layout, upload your graphics and customize every element by clicking it to select, then specifying its settings.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– CSS Sandbox

CSS Sandbox

CSS Sandbox is a simple but helpful tool for experimenting with and learning CSS. The preview is live so as you select different options you’ll see the change immediately, no refresh required.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– FontStruct


With FontStruct you can create and share high quality TrueType fonts, which they call FontStructs. The editor provides easy to use tools, an alignment grid, a wide array of shapes (which they call bricks) and more.

Price: Free
Requires: Flash

– WhatTheFont


How often do you see a font somewhere on the web or in a magazine and wonder what it is? Upload an image of the font via URL or locally to WhatTheFont and get a list of possible matches. You’ll also get links to buy the possible font match(es).

Price: Free
Requires: Image of text for font discovery.

– PXtoEM


With PXtoEM you can get a full set of EM conversions based on a specified body font size. If you’re only in need of one quick PX to EM conversion there’s also a calculator available to do the math for you.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript

– Typetester


Typetester is a fast way to test and compare up to three types of fonts with customized settings all side by side. Change the sample text and font options, then when you’re done you can get the custom CSS.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript, Firefox, Safari 2.0+, Opera 8+, Camino 0.8+, Omniweb 5.1.1 or IE 5.5+

– Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer offers a simpler interface than kuler for color scheme creation while also offering a couple other helpful features. Preview the color scheme and an example light and dark template with the colors. Color scheme types such as complimentary, triad and tetrad are all supported.

Price: Free
Requires: JavaScript, Browser newer than IE6

– Adobe kuler

Adobe kuler

Adobe kuler makes it quick and easy to create, share and discover beautiful color schemes to fit your needs. Starting from a base color or an image, you can quickly create all types of color schemes such as analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary and more.

Price: Free
Requires: Flash

– Photoshop basic online version

Photoshop basic online version

Photoshop.com is a very basic online version of the popular desktop application Photoshop. By basic, I really mean basic. It’s intended for photos and video with a very limited set of tools. It does however, include free photo storage, albums and quick access to your photos on sites like Flickr and Picasa.

Price: Free (2GB storage) – $499.99/yr (500GB storage)
Requires: Flash

– Pixlr


Like Splashup and Aviary, Pixlr brings image editing to the web. Pixlr is more of a Photoshop clone than the other two, with a GUI that will likely be more comfortable for Photoshop users. Pixlr packs some extra features as well such as RAM usage, FPS performance and lots of tools and filters.

Price: Free
Requires: Flash

– Aviary


Aviary is a collection of web apps ranging from image and vector editing to screen capture and audio editing. These editors are capable of some pretty amazing work, yet are simple, free and fast enough for quick, basic editing.

– Splashup


With Splashup you have more than basic image editing capabilities at your fingertips, anywhere you go. You can edit multiple images and layers together, use a variety of filters and tools as well as access your stored images just about anywhere (Flickr, Picasa, etc).

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