5 Proven way for increasing site ranking

5 Proven way for increasing site ranking

Now-a-days site ranking is one of the most important term for a website or web based application. All webmasters are concern and careful about site ranking term because they knew it very well that if they are not able to gain good site ranking then it’s quite impossible to reach maximum customers.

That’s why they put maximum emphasis on site ranking. There are a lot of tips and trick as well as tools around web world for increasing site ranking, from them today I’mg going to introduce most important and exclusive terms of increasing site ranking.

Webmasters put their attention most of the time in “META TAGS”. When one thinks about meta tags, more than likely two types comes in my mind. Basically, there are a several number of Meta tags that may be applied to the code of a webpage and most of the time they put between the head tags. The more popular ones includes-

– Put Right Keywords:

A repository for placing keywords relevant to the website title and page contents in one place, to allow search engines to find and therefore cache the site appropriately. You can put as much as keywords in meta keyword tags, but one thing should be remember that , all keywords must be relevant for your page. If it’s not! then your website vistors may be disappoint and leave your page!!!

From my experience I found some people put top paying keywords in their keyword tag to generate more revenue from Adsense, and those keywords are totally not irrelevant to page content. But keep in mind that you are writing for visitor not for the money!

If you wrote user friendly, informative, easy to understood and recent topics then users visit more pages willingly. So, be fare when you put keywords for your page content.


– Well Focused Description:

Working on the same principal of the keyword tag, the description tag allows the website owner to summarize the purpose of the site contents. One thing i would like to share with you, Google and most of search engine bot support 140+ characters in meta Description.


– Have A Robots:

This tag gives instruction to the search engine spiders(robots) that visit the site, either allowing or forbidding them to cache the information on the page.


– Copyright Tag Website Age Info:

Affirms the ownership of the site, handy if copyrighted material is used.


– Generator Tag For Publishing Tools Info:

Confirms the type fo publishing tools used to create the page. HTML editor like Dreamweaver or Frontpage may be automatically insert this tag when a new page created. You may like following popular and free editor collection.

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