5 Awesome Email Newsletters

5 Awesome Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is something that you won’t be able to assemble right away because of the fact that you don’t currently have an active list of ‘opt-in’ recipients. This is accomplished by placing a signup form prominently on your website for people to subscribe to your newsletter. Once you’ve assembled a decent list of subscribers you can start sending them out.

What Is An Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is an email that you send to a list of ‘opt-in’ subscribers. It’s generally sent on a monthly basis but some companies will send it out every two weeks. Unless you constantly have valuable information or products I would suggest not sending more than two a month.

An email newsletter is generally constructed in a form that will be easy to read and full of information that your subscribers want to continue to receive.

Newsletters generally contain information on a companies products or includes tips and tricks to help your subscribers with a particular subject matter. The other option is to announce the release of new products.

You can check few more email news letter templates for your website. Have a look –

Handy Responsive Email Templates for Your Campaigns

Handy Responsive Email Templates

ZURB has put together this set of super awesome responsive email templates so that you can make your email campaigns responsive. The templates come with separate CSS stylesheet and HTML file. All CSS needs to be inline for HTML emails.

For ease of editing, they have kept the CSS separate. When you’re ready to send your email, you’ll want to use a CSS inliner tool. Many email campaign tools such as Campaign Monitor will do this for you automatically.

FineLine – Email Template – 30 Layouts 8 Colors

FineLine is a massive collection of clean and professional-looking email templates (720 all in all) that you can use for most (if not all) of your email needs, as it comes in 30 different layouts, which are presented in 8 color themes and 3 backgrounds.


It also contains a lot of new goodies that somehow innovate on what has existed on email templates for quite some time now (e.g. the HTML -editable button)

La Mode – email template

The La Mode newsletter template consists of four different layouts in two different colors. Alltough the previews are fashion-themed, it can be used for pretty much any occasion.

lad mode

The package also contains layered psd-files.

• 4 layouts, ready to be used out of the box

• 2 different color themes in gold and rose for every layout

• PSD file for every layout, so that you can customize everything

• documented source code

• Inline CSS

• Tested on all major email programs

• Ready for MailChimp

Bruan Email Template

The templates have been fully tested in all major online and offline email clients including the iPad, iPhone and blackberry devices. However the display of the template in a specific email client cannot be guaranteed to look the same as any other.

buran template

However that’s not all, we created this using our modular design. We provide 4 unique layouts for you – one of which we call “the kitchen sink” which has every different layout section you could possibly want. By simply cut or copy and paste you can move sections around, double up sections or remove them easily as everything is clearly commented out for you – we even provide a video in the help documentation.

The design allows for a large product image, lots of smaller products, lots of text, links to your website, social media, even a fully styled pricing table.

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