30 Outstanding Examples Of Drop Down Navigation Menus

30 Outstanding Examples Of Drop Down Navigation Menus

Drop-down menus are great for sites that have multiple levels of content hierarchy. The typical design pattern of a drop-down menu is that when a user hovers over the parent navigation item, a submenu of navigation items appears. Having a clean and well-structured website navigation is key in designing an effective user interface.

– August


The semitransparency effect in this drop-down menu works will with the vivid background image.

– Mozilla


This is a simple yet sleek drop-down menu on the Mozilla.

– Media Temple

Media Temple

Media Temple has by far one of the best drop-down menus out there, aesthetically. The small thumbnail of each hosting type next to the name of them looks great, along with excellent JavaScript-based animation transitions.

– Sony


Sony has a very wide and simple drop-down menu on their main UK site.

– Project Vino

Project Vino

This drop-down menu uses colours that fit the rest of the site. The big font size and the overall design looks amazing.

– Fall For Tennessee

Fall For Tennessee

Fall for Tennessee has a horizontal drop-down menu that slides out to the right hand side. The menu items that have a drop-down submenu have a small arrow next to them to indicate that they can be expanded.

– Officers Club

Officers Club

Another clothing website with a drop-down; having a dropdown submenu makes it so much easier to find products. The Officers Club drop-down has a multi-column layout.

– White House

White House

The white background, blue text, and red top and bottom borders utilizes the the USA flag’s colours.

– Tennessee Theatre

Tennessee Theatre

This navigation is special because it’s clean but creative at the same time. The brown really stands out from the rest of the site’s soft colours.

– DC Shoes

DC Shoes

The red and white text on the semitransparent black background really works its charm.

– Nick Ad

Nick Ad

You have to click-and-hold your mouse pointer for the submenu to appear. Then you move onto the link you want on each drop-down and release your mouse button to visit that page; it’s an interestingly unconventional interaction design.

– Facebook


Facebook has their simple drop-down menu on the site’s “Account” main menu link with relevant links for editing your Facebook account.

– Bonfire Snowboarding

Bonfire Snowboarding

Bonfire Snowboarding has an awesome 3-column drop-down submenu on their “Products” main navigation item, placing their products within three categories.

– Famous Cookies

Famous Cookies

This drop-down navigation menu showcases the yummy cookies that the store makes available to its hungry patrons.

– Noizi Kidz

Noizi Kidz

This navigation is bright and shaped unconventionally.

– Mac Appstorm

Mac Appstorm

Here’s a clean drop-down menu that fits perfectly with the overall landscape of the site design.

– Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

This simple drop-down menu is practical and doesn’t distract away from the main areas of the web page layout.

– Ski Alpine

Ski Alpine

This drop-down menu highlights the attention to detail that the site designer has.

– Bern


This rough grunge style website has an edgy drop-down menu that complement the look-and-feel of the website’s general aesthetics.

– Gateway


The drop-down menu in this design has nice curves and beautiful visuals that serve to display images of the computer manufacturer’s products.

– Netttuts


Netttuts+ has a clean drop-down navigation menu that works well with their header colours.

– Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut

This drop-down menu is functional in that it also serves as an illustrated visual of the various styles of sunglasses.

– Puma


This dark drop-down menu really stands out from the rest of the site’s lighter colours.

– Converse


Converse has a grunge-styled drop-down menu that has a cloth-like texture with frizzy edges.

– Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf

This is a masterfully neat drop-down navigation design that has an orange hover effect.

– Galaico Folia

Galaico Folia

This drop-down submenu has a wonderful animation effect with the smaller pieces of wood folding down from the main menu item.

– Carreras Con Futuro

Carreras Con Futuro

This drop-down menu’s design embodies the hand-drawn theme of the website.

– Red Brick Health

Red Brick Health

This drop-down navigation menu fits perfectly into the site design, and the pink hover highlight is a great touch of detail.

– Porsche


As you hover over each car, the image on the right changes. It also looks stunning with the semitranspart background.

– Pure Grips

Pure Grips

Pure Grips feature images in their drop-down menu to make it clear to the user which products are which.

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