20 Quick Backlink Building SEO Tips

20 Quick Backlink Building SEO Tips

Link Building is one of the greatest ways to increase traffic and get high ranking in search engines especially Google. It also helps your website get higher pagerank which results in more traffic to your website. Backlink plays an important role to get higher search rankings for your blog post, articles, etc. The more links you get to your site, the more quality visitors you’ll get from the search engines through the world.

It is all about building nice and quality backlinks to your blog or website. In search engine optimization (SEO), page rank is at least partially determined by the number of sites that link to yours.

– Hubpages:


It is very unpoliced and they’ll basically allow anything to stay on their site. Don’t forget to link to your website. The whole point of using HubPages to get links is to increase your site’s link juice, and ultimately its rankings. Hubpages does delete hubs and users who do not comply with the TOS.


– Squidoo:


Create a Squidoo page for your website or blog you like. Also include links to your website. It is great for creating solid links to your other Squidoo lenses or blogs because of the love that Google and other search engines shows Squidoo. When you create your content on either a Squidoo lens or blog, you need to make sure that you are targeting the people who would want to read it.


– Social Bookmarking sites:

social bookmarking site

These days social media is very popular source of backlinks. Create good content on your website, and submit to social bookmarking sites. Here is the list of 20+ Inspirational Social Bookmarking sites.

– Give Testimonials:

It is great way to get you a Backlink from a very authoritative site and has a big chance to drive you loads of traffic.

Article Directories:

Article writing for building traffic and backlinks is a strategy that webmasters has been and still using effectively. The problem is that some website owners either ignores it or does not trust their writing skills. My favorites are eZineArticles and GoArticles.

Create a list post:

I know list posts are old, but they still work great. Examples “5 Popular PHP Forum Scripts”, “11 Ajax based WebMail Clients For Awesome User Experience” or “30 Fresh AJAX Tutorials And Techniques”.

– Guest Posting:

This is the very popular way, especially between bloggers on the internet. Guest posting is not just about getting the backlinks but also to build your brand among the vast on-line users.

– Blog commenting:

Commenting on Do Follow Blogs is the easiest way to get backlinks. Use Follow List to find out blogs related to your niche.

– Link exchange:

It is a strategy used by webmasters where you give a website a link on your website and they give you a backlink to your website. It is not as effective as it was before.

– Forum Posting:

These days Many Forums provide Dofollow link via signatures of signed up users. If the forum is a popular one, a backlink can be extremely valuable. If you know the solution to a problem or the answer to a question and you feel your answer could benefit more users, put it on your website and direct the members to look at it at your website. In your signature, include the link to your website; with every post you get a backlink to your website.

– Hold a contest:

Run a contest on your blog like sushant is doing here. It tends to bring lots of backlinks and traffic.

– Post at .gov and .edu forums:

Submiting your links on edu links is a great way to boost backlinks, traffic and ranking on Search Engine that’s especially Google Search Engine. Edu and Gov links are still highest quality links that recommended by a lot of internet marketers.

– Press Release:

It is widely understood that SEO press releases are an excellent source of backlinks and can greatly assist in an overall SEO marketing plan. To get these links, you need to include links within your press release your site. The most popular press releases website is prweb.com. Don’t forget to link to your website.

– Release a Free WordPress Theme or Plugin:

If you can make a custom WordPess theme or plugin then release it for free to your guests. WordPress themes and plugins are probably the easiest and fastest ways to build backlinks to your blog, with little effort. Don’t forget to add link back to your website in footer.

– Buy a Review:

If your product is good and unique enough, try to ask bloggers to review and blog about your website, product or services. You can also offer to pay them directly to review about your site, or you can buy posts through services like ReviewMe.

– Link Baiting:

Make good posts which will help you create lot of discussion and backlinks. Whether by creating good content on your blog or by offering something unique, you might have already created linkbaits without knowing that you have done so.

– Buy Backlinks:

Be careful where to buy from and make sure that the website hosting your link is worth it. Text-Link-Ads are most likely your best option.

– Write Commnets:

Leave a comment here and get a backlink.

– Through Offers:

Top 7 commentators are rewarded with a backlink. The List Refreshes Every Month. That’s all for backlink tips. You can subscribe our RSS Feed for updates.

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