20 Great Ajax Based Tab Interfaces Applications

20 Great Ajax Based Tab Interfaces Applications

Last few years web developers have developed many AJAX based tab interfaces which became one of the most interesting techniques giving us an easy way to provide information without the need to open and close multiple windows at the same time.

– Carousel Tab

Carousel Tab

Module Tabs – Carousel (1 at a time, zero animation, external controls)

– Fancy Sliding Tab Menu

Fancy Sliding Tab Menu

Fancy Sliding Tab Menu using script.aculo.us

– Draggable Tabs

Draggable Tabs

The Draggable Tab widget allows tabs to be dragged (and dropped) between one or more modules

– Paged Tab Menu

Paged Tab Menu

Very Cool Horizontal Tab interface from cssplay

– Closable Tabs

Closable Tabs

The Closeable Tab widget allows tabs to be removed.

– Floating Window with Tabs

Floating Window with Tabs

The script is easy to set implement. The content of the windows is plain HTML and the window is created by calling one single javascript function

– jQuery idTabs

jQuery idTabs

idTabs is simple and easy to use.not overloaded with features, it gets to the point.

– Scrolling Tabs

Scrolling Tabs

This TabPanel is built entirely with javascript and demonstrates: Auto tab resizing, Tab scrolling, Tabs with icons, Tab plugins (context menu), Adding tabs with JS

– Perspective Tabs

Perspective Tabs

Perspective tabs is a simple mootools 1.2 plug-in that allows for a larger number of tabs to fit into a small space

– Tab Accordian

Tab Accordian

Tabbed style accordion script written with Moo.FX, this is my favorite

– Coda Slider

Coda Slider

A cool Sliding effect inspired by coda site.

– jQuer Tab Skin

jQuer Tab Skin

A similar technique can be used to implement a JQuery style fade animation that runs as the user navigates between selected tabs. While the technique I used is very similar to the one I blogged about before, I thought I would pass along the stylesheet for the JQuery tab theme as well as a quick overview of how I implemented the transition.

– CSS Play Mini Tabs

CSS Play Mini Tabs

A method of compressing short pieces of information into six mini tabbed pages.
The information can be anything you like, as long as it fits into the drop down page size. You can, of course, increase any of the size parameters and make up your own background images to suit.

– Ajax Drop down Tab Menu

Ajax Drop down Tab Menu

e24TabMenu is a plugin written for scriptaculous. It is a tab menu that expands collapse smoothly.

– Sliding Tabs

Sliding Tabs

Sliding Tabs is a mootools plugin which adds a pretty neat effect. It’s a clone of something seen on Panic Software’s Coda site, which in turn is very heavily inspired by a widget used in the iTunes Music Store.

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