20 best and useful jquery plugins

20 best and useful jquery plugins

jQuery is a lightweight, cross-browser compliant, and extremely powerful JavaScript framework. jQuery enables you to add interactivity and increased functionality to your website. jQuery is much useful because it can help you to create animations and interactions.jQuery has provided the necessary tools to create stunning websites without having to much worry about accessibility issues.

As jQuery is not only a easy JavaScript language to work with but also very easy to use for non-developers too specially when it combines with plugins jQuery plugins are not only easy to use but also makes websites professional and beautiful by using various Image sliders, image viewer, Google maps plugins. But keeping track of new jQuery plugins releases is very difficult, everyday something new and better comes which we want to use in our webpages.

So, in this post, I have compiled a list of 20 of the best jQuery plugins which are really cool and very useful. Check the list below as I am sure you will find something new and useful plugin here which you surely want to use in the future for your website.

– jOla jquery Plugins

jOla jquery Plugins

jOla : This plugin help to add Ola effect on the text.

– jQuery Google Charting

jQuery Google Charting

A jQuery plugin that sets a division to request a Google chart. In simple words, add Google Charts to your pages via a simple JavaScript interface.

– Pines Notify

Pines Notify

Pines Notify : Pines Notify is a Growl like notification plugin.

– Scrollable Fixed Header Table

Scrollable Fixed Header Table

This plugin allows html tables to be scrollable horizontally and vertically while headers are still visible and in tack with the columns.

– Text2Pass


Text2Pass is a JQuery plugin, which can be used to temporarily place text in a password field. It’s purpose is to prompt a user to Enter their password in a login or registration form, by appending text such as “Enter Password” in the password field. The text you place inside is fully customizable, and can be used on multiple fields per page.

– jMultiselect2side


Multiselect (html select with parameter multiple=”multiple”) normally are very difficult to use. In this plugin, the select is double (double side select), the right one with the selected element, the left side for insert other element.

– jQuery Simple Multiselect

jQuery Simple Multiselect

This plugin replaces a standard multi-select with a simplified version that doesn’t require ctrl+click to select multiple options. Each click simply toggles the given option on or off. This hides the original multi-select, and builds a replacement, but keeps the original updated so that when when your form is submitted, the selected options are submitted.

– jMagnify


jQuery jMagnify, plugin attach a ola effect to some text following the mouse position.

– MB Extruder

MB Extruder

This jquery component let you easly build a sliding panel where to insert any kind of content; it has builtin all the functionalities for managing menu lines and sub panels with accordion effect. It can get the content via ajax and therefore you can dynamically build it by passing DATA via request using the metadata attribute settable on the extruder container.

– TopUp


TopUp is an easy to use Javascript library for unobtrusively displaying images and webpages in a Web 2.0 approach of popups. The library is jQuery and jQuery UI driven in order to maintain cross-browser compatibility and compactness.

– Mapbox Zoomabe jQuery Map Plugin

Mapbox  Zoomabe jQuery Map Plugin

The jQuery mapbox() plugin is for creating relatively small scale, zoomable, draggable maps with multiple layers of content. This framework could be applied to games, development plans, or any layout that could benefit from being able to zoom in and pan to get a better view.

– jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider(Safari Style): jQuery Slider is easy to use and multifunctional jQuery plugin.

– FocusMagic


This plugin is meant to expedite the basic process of making form fields empty on focus and refill on blur, depending on a few specs. This solution focuses on accessibility as it does not remove the label, just moves it off the viewport. This way, if a user does not have Javascript, CSS, or uses a screen reader, they will still get normal labels.

– Simplethumbs


It is a simple thumbnail gallery script for jQuery. Simplethumbs is an easy to use thumbnails script for jQuery for quick thumbnails gallery creation. It also has an autoplay feature for automatic cycling of the images. It is a very basic script, but is easy to configure with 4 callbacks to easily integrate with custom code if needed.

– Spritely


Spritely is a jQuery plugin created by Artlogic for creating dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML and JavaScript. It’s a simple, light-weight plugin with a few simple methods for creating animated sprites such as the birds you see on the main page, and dynamic scrolling backgrounds.

– YoxView


YoxView is a free image viewer for websites. It’s written in javascript using jQuery and is available as a jQuery plugin.YoxView displays images above the website’s content, as a separate layer.

– Picbox


Picbox is a lightweight (around 5KB) javascript image viewer which features automatic resizing and zooming of large images, allowing them to fit in the browser or be viewed at full size.

– MaxImage jQuery Image Scaler

MaxImage  jQuery Image Scaler

MaxImage is a jquery plugin that automatically scales images based on how much room they have in the browser window. The image will always fill your browser window.

– jPhotoGrid


This plugin takes a simple list of images and captions and turns it into a grid of photos that can be explored and zoomed.

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