12 New jQuery Translator Plugins For Your Website

12 New jQuery Translator Plugins For Your Website

Hello friend, welcome to my today’s post on web tools. In my last post, we discussed about “Free And Popular Icon Resources for Web Designers“. Hope you enjoyed that post. Today we are going to introduce some cool jQuery translators plugins for you. They are really a great web tools and they can give a new dimension of your web site.

jQuery plugin allows you to offer your visitors an easy way to translate your page content in their native languages. You can use this translator plugins, to provide an easy way of inline translation of your web contents like navigation menu texts, site contents, etc.

Most of the plugins works like Google Translate. If you have already use to with Google translator then it will be a great fun for your to use this following translator plugins. Hope you like them.

Let’s go and enjoy.

– jTextTranslate: A jQuery Translation Plugin

jTextTranslate: A jQuery Translation Plugin

The plugin works with the Google Language API and can be used to translate a text in all the languages provided by the API.


– SundayMorning:


Is a jQuery plugin which allow site-owners to offer their visitors some easy and fancy ways to translate their content in more than 30 languages. It uses the Google translate API. You can have Inline translation with menu, Word translation or Translation with remote trigger.


– jQuery Translator:

jQuery Translator

Came across Google’s ever handy Ajax translator API and I thought I’d write a quick jQuery plugin for it.

  • The plugin should be run on a form (for dynamic switching) or the document for static content
  • Automatic language detection (by leaving origin_language empty)
  • You can mix static content (even html blocks) with dynamic, so you can translate page content or form values, by simply switching the selector
  • Supports all languages available from google
  • When passing in languages they should use the standard 2 character short code.


– Ajax Translator Revolution Lite jQuery Plugin:

ajax translator revoulation lite plugins

Is a script for translating websites, with a nice user interface. Provides a set of options to customize the translator to accomplish any translation task, such as:

  • Select exactly what parts of the page should be translated and exclude others.
  • Remember user selected languages and auto translate feature.
  • Show languages flags and names, or just names, or just flags.


– jQuery Google Translate Plugin:

The jQuery Google Translate Plugin lets websites and applications integrate the simplicity of jQuery plugins with the Google Translate API programmatically.


– jquery.tr – Translation plugin:

Is a jQuery plugin which enables you to translate text on the client side.


  • Uses a predefined dictionary.
  • Translates into languages with several plurals.
  • Uses cookie information if jQuery.cookie is available.
  • Designed to be used by CouchApps.


– Lingua Localization Plugin:

Lingua Localization Plugins

Lingua is a jQuery plugin which simplifies web app localization through automated processing of text files containing language-specific key/value pairs. The text files are very simple to create, they are easy to update by translators, and they are easy to deploy and use.

The plugin also supports a degree of automated translation by specifying #-prefixed keynames which match element IDs in your HTML.


– jsperanto Localization Plugin:

Simple translation for your javascripts, yummy with your favorite templates engine like EJS.

  • Pluralization, interpolation & “nested lookup” support for your translations.
  • Uses XHR to get a JSON dictionary (or load it your own way & format)
  • JSLint-ed, QUnit-ed.
  • Similar to Rails’s i18n but sans backend needed
  • No global pollution (hides under jQuery.jsperanto)
  • Works with : IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Chrome, Opera 9+
  • Depends on jQuery 1.3.2+ (uses $.ajax, $.each, $.extend)


– SpecialEdit:


jQuery plugin that adds buttons to text input fields which allow the user to easily enter special characters. This plugin is particularly useful for things like language learning sites, translation sites, etc. Any situation where you don’t expect your users to have the hardware to easily enter special characters.


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