10 jQuery AJAX Widgets For User Interface

10 jQuery AJAX Widgets For User Interface

jQuery gives us a new way to improve user interface. It has thousands of powerful Ajax widgets for awesome user interface. By using jQuery widgets we can easily create useful admin/website interface. Today we are going to learn about 10 useful Ajax widgets and you can use them any where in your website or admin interface. From them auto complete, star rating are mostly used in websites. Enjoy!

– Autocomplete (jQuery UI Widgets)

jquery UI auto complete

The Autocomplete widgets provides suggestions while you type into the field. Here the suggestions are tags for programming languages, give “ja” (for Java or JavaScript) a try. The datasource is a simple JavaScript array, provided to the widget using the source-option.

– Flexible jQuery Star Rating Plugin

flexible jquery star rating plugins

jRating is a very flexible jQuery plugin for quickly creating an Ajaxed star rating system.

– Slidedeck (Interactive Presentation Slider)

slide deck presentation plugins

It delivers a better user experience by removing the information overload and providing a fun, quick and beautiful way to interact with digital devices.

– AJAX based Twitter Status Loader

ajax based twitter status

This is basically an jQuery/AJAX widget which loads the recent updates from any twitter user, upto a number of 200.

BackToTop Button jQuery plugin

back to top button jquery plugins

One of these components is a jQuery Plugin that allows for a MS Virtual Earth Map to be more easily created using a single method call.

– jQuery Recent Post Widget for BlogSpot

jQuery Recent Post Widget for BlogSpot

Recent or Filtered Post widget is a jQuery and Ajax based Widget which will fetch either the recent or specific posts according to the tags/categories mentioned and will make a cool unordered list.

– Easy AJAX and Widget Integration jQuery plugin

jQuery ajax integration plugins

A Plugin for the popular java web framework struts2 to provide Ajax functionality and UI Widgets based on the jQuery JavaScript framework.

– Watajax (Searchable Dynamic Ajax Tables)


This plug-in/php-data-generator combination was created when we could not find any easy-to-implement fast and non-complex alternatives.

– Rich HTML Ticker jQuery Plugin

Rich HTML Ticker

Rich HTML TIcker is a practical script for displaying ordinary, rich HTML content in a rotated fashion on your page.

– Ajax Chat ajax chat

PHP based Ajax Chat. It’s an easy to use Ajax chat script.

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