10 handy drag and drop jquery plugins

10 handy drag and drop jquery plugins

Are you want to be a drag and drop feature expert? Mostly these plug-ins are written in jQuery, and they are very easy to customize and implement in your own projects very fast. You can give your visitors a lot more customization options, they can virtually personalize your website or tool to suit it better for their needs. And you must know people love it, I love it myself!

– Resizable


Resize rectangle with content in ways you want to.

– jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

The jQuery multiple draggable plugin is an extension to the jQuery UI Draggable plugin. This plugin extends the current functionality to allow for elements to be grouped and dragged as a group. The aim of the plugin is to include all of the current functionality listed in the options.

– jQuery Reel Plugin

jQuery Reel Plugin

Reel is a jQuery plugin which takes an image tag and makes it a live “projection” of pre-built animation frames sequence. Its aim is to provide a 360 Degree view of something or someplace. Great alternative to widely used Flash and Java techniques.

– Interface plugin for jQuery

Interface plugin for jQuery

Interface is a collection of rich interface components which utilizes the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery. With this components you can build rich client web applications and interfaces with the same simplicity as writing JavaScript with jQuery.

– MapBox


The jQuery mapbox() plugin is for creating relatively small scale, zoomable, draggable maps with multiple layers of content. This framework could be applied to games, development plans, or any layout that could benefit from being able to zoom in and pan to get a better view.

– Drag To Share

Drag To Share

Drag picture to share it on your favorite social network!

– jquery event drag

jquery event drag

A jquery special event plugin that makes the task of adding complex drag interactions, to any element, simple and powerful.

– Collapsible Drag n Drop Panels

Collapsible Drag n Drop Panels

Drag n Drop panels are great to let the user control how he/she wants to see the information as he can arrange various information blocks according to his preference. This type of functionality is often provided by web portals or personal homepage services like iGoogle.

– Nettuts drag and drop

Nettuts drag and drop

Nettuts drag and drop is a awsome drag and drop jquery plugins. demos and tutorial also available in download links.

– Dragscrollable


Scroll a large nested layer within a viewport using native scroll from the container. It does not require drag and drop functionality from UI and it is faster than UI dragging.

– Jquery Iviewer

Jquery Iviewer

JQuery.iviewer is a jquery plugin used to load and view image in container with ability to zoom image and to drag it with mouse in container.

– CropZoom


CropZoom is a plugin that let you choose an area of an image to crop, whit this you can zoom in or zoom out,drag and also rotate. this plugins needs ui.droppable, ui.resizable, ui.slider from JQuery UI. Some code was taken from jquery.svgdom.js Written by Keith Wood.

– animaDrag


AnimaDrag allows draggable items to be eased by jQuery animation, which UI draggables do not allow. This allows for a richer display of the transition between two locations, with full easing support.

– Superfun


It creates a superior Lightbox that allows for AJAX injection, SWF content, iFrame content, and utilizes the new CSS3 transform property to mimick a Flash environment, while completely avoiding Flash.

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