10 Best Websites To Learn Web Development

10 Best Websites To Learn Web Development

It is difficult to find a talented web designer that is just as proficient at web development. Obviously, one can be successful at specializing in design only, but a web designer can only benefit from having a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. If you want to take steps in learning some code, here are 10 great websites that can get you on your way

– CSS Globe

CSS Globe

CSS Globe is a community driven blog on web standards.

– Boxes And Arrows

Boxes And Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is full of informative articles on interaction design, information architecture, and the business side of things.

– StyleGrind


StyleGrind is written by Peter Dorsi and is full of great tips and tutorials on jQuery, Ajax, CSS, and more.

– Ajaxian


With Ajax being a technology that is so closely connected to the UI and front end design of a web site,

it is something that designers want to know how to do. Ajaxian is a great blog to read to stay on top of all things Ajax.

– Signal vs Noise

Signal vs Noise

Signal vs. Noise is a blog by 37Signals, the people behind Ruby On Rails and numerous successful Web Apps.

Although you won’t find many tutorials on the site, it does provide great insight into the thought process of web development.

– Snook ca

Snook ca

Jonathan Snook has been writing articles on Snook.ca since 2001. The blog focuses on web development, design and freelance.

– Vitamin


Vitamin is a multi-author blog with tons of useful articles. It won the SXSW Award for Best Educational Resource in 2007.

– woork


Woork is a blog by Antonio Lupetti, a developer from Italy. He provides short, easily-consumable tutorials on various topics of web development such as PHP, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, and CSS.

His knack for creating beautiful tutorials, chock full of custom-made images that illustrates the concepts he talks about is a testament to the detail and “work” that Antonio puts in each of his posts.

Check out his awesome tutorial on a “Top-Down approach to simplify your CSS code” where he explains his preference on creating and formatting stylesheets.



NETTUTS is a recently launched blog/tutorial site that provides “spoonfed web skills”. There are already plenty of useful and detailed tutorials that range from offloading static content to Amazon S3 to creating a beautiful tabbed content area using jQuery.

NETTUTS is perfect for developers just starting out, since the tutorials are very thorough and in a “step by step” format. For more advanced developers, it’s an excellent source of inspiration and learning new techniques.

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