10 Best CSS Editor For Freelance web Designers

10 Best CSS Editor For Freelance web Designers

As a freelance web developer and designer, I feel much more comfort to work in Netbeans editor and from last 2.5 years regularly use Netbeans and love it so much. Netbeans provide CSS script editing and it’s have a great suggestion box .You can check my last post about 15 Excellent Top Free Text Editors for Coders. Now a days, Netbeans also very much popular for PHP, JavaScript, HTML Code editing IDE.It’s my personal opinion about Netbeans IDE 🙂

There are a lot’s of editor around us that can minimize our freelance work load and save our time. Today I have tried to make a list of 10+ Free CSS Editors for you. Please add some more editors if you feel they are good enough for freelancers. Enjoy!

– CSSEdit

css edit editor

CSSEdit stands in the middle between sophisticated web development editors and basic ones. CSS Edit is sleek and clean. It’s best suited for first time and casual CSS coders.

– SimpleCSS

Simple css

SimpleCSS is a Mac OS application for easily creating style sheets from scratch. It has an import feature which allows you to pool together several stylesheets into one file. SimpleCSS also features drag-and-drop capabilities for reordering your style rules, so that you may organize them in the manner you need.

– Stylizer


Stylizer is a visual CSS code editor. It has real-time preview that renders changes on your web browser on the fly as you make them. It also has a point-and-click interface which allows you to target page elements by clicking on them, making CSS editing a cinch. Stylizer is available only for Windows and Mac OS.

– Style Master

style master

Style Master is a cross-platform CSS development application that comes with a robust set of features such as auto-completion, on the fly code editing and rendering of dynamically-generated pages (such as PHP, .NET, and Ruby on Rails), and a hierarchic display of CSS fields. It also has a feature called Support Watcher which warns you of potential CSS bugs for certain browsers.

– EnginSite CSS Editor

enginsite css editor

EnginSite CSS Editor is a good CSS editor with “instant” preview. This editor is ideal for beginning designers focused on simple tasks and designs.

– JellyFish-CSS

jelly fish css

JellyFish CSS is a smart and simple CSS editor. It helps edit CSS code easily and quickly. It will also help you steer clear of CSS syntax errors with its Code-sense feature.

– Free CSS Toolbox

free css toolbox

Free CSS toolbox is a simple text editor for CSS. It’s very lightweight and simple to use. It has a syntax highlighter feature, code auto-complete, CSS checker, CSS validator and compressor.

– SnapCSS

snap css

SnapCSS is a windows-only CSS editor that is extremely lightweight, featuring a super simple text-editor interface. It has a beautify code function that automatically formats and standardizes your CSS.

– RapidCSS

rapid css

RapidCSS is ideal for writing CSS code; it is lightweight and offers a wide range of features like code auto complete, syntax highlighting, built-in CSS references and various shortcuts for CSS tags.

– CoffeeCup StyleSheet Maker

style maker

CoffeeCup Style Sheet Maker is another CSS editor which offers many functionalists to edit CSS, but still not very flexible to increase productivity to its highest level. It has support for shortcut keys for tags, classes, and margins to reduce the amount of typing you need to do. It also comes jam-packed with pre-made code snippets for common CSS styles.

– TopStyle

top style

TopStyle CSS editor starts to amaze you by its first time configuration, when you can choose a style definition that shows only properties and values supported by either Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or even iPhone OS 2.0, which is practically useful for cross-platform web designer.

– Xyle Scope

xyle scope

Xyle Scope is a must-have free CSS editor for Mac, as it’s a truly professional CSS editor that allows you to surf website while fine-tune its CSS directly inside the editor.

Xyle’s browser comes with normal browser mode and selection mode which works pretty similar like Firefox plugin, Firebug that provides the CSS source viewing and editing, except that the editor allows you to save modified CSS values in their original location.

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